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Justin Timberlake might bring talent competition to MySpace

So what exactly will Justin Timberlake be doing at MySpace? Possibly turning it into a talent competition.
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Justin Timberlake buys ownership stake in MySpace

You know what's cool? Owning a MySpace — at least according to singer and actor Justin Timberlake, who just helped buy the failing social network for $35 million.
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MySpace sold from the bargain bin at $35 million

MySpace, the once giant social network has been sold by News Corp. for $35 million to the advertising network Specific Media.

Rumor: Myspace to lay off 37.5% of workforce on Wednesday

Rumors are flying that Myspace will once again be cutting deep into its workforce with 37.5% of employees hitting the pavement and the classifieds come Wednesday.

Viacom, Time Warner call a time-out on iPad fight

Time Warner and Viacom are postponing their court battle over making TV programming available on the iPad while they try to work out a deal.

Hulu tempted to sell by mystery bidder

Hulu is being tempted to sell by a mystery bidder who's reaffirming the streaming video's company's pivotal spot in the online video world.

WSJ’s SafeHouse WikiLeaks knockoff isn’t safe, say researchers

Anonymous sources, beware: The Wall Street Journal's new service for whistleblowers, SafeHouse, has leaks of its own.

IGN acquisition of UGO confirmed, no ‘major layoffs’ expected

IGN president Roy Bahat confirms the acquisition of along with News Corp.'s plans to spin the IGN/UGO combo out into a new company.

IGN to acquire UGO, will operate gaming-focused website outside of News Corp.

Reports indicate that IGN is set to acquire UGO, with the plan being for the former to split off from its parent, News Corp., and continue building its gaming-focused website as one of the top sources on the Internet.
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A look inside News Corps’ overly optimistic MySpace sales pitch

News Corp is doing its best to make MySpace look like a catch, and it's proving to be quite the undertaking.
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MySpace sale negotiations begin next week; who’s buying it?

It's been a long time coming, but News Corp is finally getting MySpace off its hands. But who's taking it home...and why?

Time Warner, Viacom go to court over TV-streaming iPad app

Time Warner Cable and Viacom have filed lawsuits against each other over the cable company's new iPad app that streams live TV.