News Corp

News Corp. to Offer Exclusive Newspaper for Tablets and Cell Phones

Operating as the New York Post, the digital newspaper would offer short, to-the-point stories specifically for mobile devices.


London Times Paywall Leads to 90 Pct Traffic Drop?

The London Times threw up its paywall a few weeks ago; an analysis by The Guardian finds its traffic has gone down nearly 90 percent.


News Corp Taking Times of London Behind Paywall

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is going to take the Times of London and Sunday Times behind a paywall starting in June.


Rupert Murdoch Ready to Sue over Google Indexing

If talks break down, Google may face yet another lawsuit fueled from the deep pockets of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Movies & TV

Van Natta Steps Down as MySpace CEO

Less than a year into to job, former Facebook exec Owen Van Natta was stepped down as CEO of MySpace...effective immediately.


Publishers to Form Digital Newsstand Venture

The biggest publishers of newspapers and magazines are teaming up to form a digital newsstand.


Rupert Murdoch May Ban Google from Indexing News Corp Stories

Rupert Murdoch wants to block Google as a way to get people to pay for News Corp content.