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Custom fit: How to specify who you ‘See First’ in your Facebook feed

Facebook's latest feature, "See First," lets you prioritize posts from specified people and pages. Check out our simple guide on how to implement the feature using your iOS device.

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Select preferred friends on Facebook: DT Daily

today on DT Daily: An easy way to control what appears on your Facebook news feed, and Game of Thrones is adapted to board game form.

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Facebook loosens grip – allows users to customize news feeds … within reason

New controls allow Facebook users to customize the composition of their news feeds. Set to debut on iOS first, they signal a reversal for the social network, which has historically favored behavioral algorithms to recommend content.


Facebook might soon let you choose your favorite friends

The latest in Facebook's never-ending series of test tweaks to the News Feed is one that allows you to pick the people and pages that you want to see more of whenever you log into the site.

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Brands be gone! Facebook pushes your friends’ posts to the top of your News Feed

Facebook is rolling out some updates to the News Feed that will hopefully result in more relevant posts from your friends showing up in the feed. Posts from brands will be given less priority.


Facebook tweaks News Feed to cut down on hoax posts

Facebook is launching a new offensive against hoax content on News Feeds, tweaking its algorithm to pinpoint such material, which should result in reduced distribution in the feed.

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Facebook is taking steps to scrub the feed of ‘click-bait’ articles

Definitely ideal if you are a heavy Facebook user, the social network will attempt to reduce the volume of click-bait content in the feed by measuring the length of time people spend actually reading the article.

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Facebook is getting more aggressive with hiding News Feed spam

Attempting to squash Facebook's problem of user-generated spam, the social network has rolled out new guidelines that will tweak the News Feed algorithm in order to feature more high quality content.

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RSS: The Old Reader launches Premium version, $30 a year

When Google Reader closed down last year, many news addicts moved their feeds to The Old Reader. While the service will remain free for 90 percent of its users, those with 100 feeds or more will now have to pay a subscription fee.


The fight for the Facebook News Feed – and its memes – is on

After Facebook announced it would be promoting certain types of posts over others - and that memes would take the biggest hit - the publishing industry is reacting.

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Facebook changes ‘Hide All’ to ‘Unfollow,’ shaming us for ignoring annoying friends

Facebook's new 'Unfollow' button will work exactly how 'Hide All' did ... you'll just feel guiltier about censoring your unknowingly annoying friends. A few other News Feed options may have gotten the axe with this change, however.

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Facebook’s new News Feed promotes articles, your friends’ old posts … and buries memes

Facebook is once again mixing up its News Feed algorithm, this time promoting popular old stories from your friends, news outlets ... and burying memes. Get it straight, Internet: Imgur, Facebook is not.

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This plugin can tell who you’re Facebook stalking

Who Facebook thinks you're close to matters - it determines much of what you see on the site and in what order. This plugin shows you who your "closest" Facebook friends are, and the results are pretty revealing.

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I took Facebook’s News Feed survey, and so should you

Complaining about Facebook but skipping the surveys is like getting mad about politics and not voting - so maybe you should voice your opinion. I did, and found some interesting things about how Facebook is trying to fix its News Feed.

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Facebook is trying to fix its News Feed relevancy problems – here’s how

Yesterday Facebook announced it would be telling us more about whats behind the News Feed algorithm, including some recent changes. So what exactly is Story Bumping and the other functions the platform uses to create the feed?

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