Nikon’s new Coolpix A is a point-and-shoot that has a heart of a DSLR

The Coolpix A is Nikon's first compact camera to utilize a large sensor normally found in DSLRS. Nikon also introduced two other Coolpix models – one advanced and one budget – as well as a DSLR telephoto lens.


Explain Yourself! Disposable camera

Explain Yourself! corners the worst tech in our lives and demands to know: WTF?! This week: We wonder why the disposable camera is still hanging out at the checkout stand.


Nikon unveils the D7100, the latest high-performance DSLR in a compact body

With a newly developed 24.1-megapixel sensor, 51-point autofocusing system, and Wi-Fi compatibility, the D7100 from Nikon is the company's latest top-of-the-line DX-format DSLR designed to appeal to pros and semi-pros.


Nikon sale: Camera giant offering discounts of up to $350 on 18 lenses

For a limited period, Japanese camera maker Nikon is offering some pretty generous discounts on a range of Nikkor lenses, including its 50mm f/1.4G, 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II and 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G VR offerings.


Sigma treats Micro Four Thirds and E-mount camera owners to new lenses

In addition to three new lenses for Micro Four Thirds and Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras, Sigma unveils a lens for Sigma, Nikon, and Canon APS-C DSLRs at last week's CP+ camera show in Japan.


Nikon announces $17,899 telephoto lens among new products in time for CP+ 2013 show

In addition to the pricey telephoto, Nikon also unveils an ultra-wide-angle lens and seven Coolpix point-and-shoot models.


Nikon taking a second shot with photography app Nikon Image Space

Nikon's first attempt to break into the photo-sharing space had just about fizzled, but it's taking a second shot with Nikon Image Space.


Dust Donut is a cheap solution for protecting expensive Canon lenses from the elements

If successful, the Kickstarter project will produce an affordable, simple-yet-effective rubber seal that protects Canon EF lenses from dust and moisture.


Nikon to bring D5200 DSLR stateside, along with new mirrorless and Coolpix models

Nikon's CES 2013 announcements included the J1 and S1 mirrorless cameras, the Wi-Fi-capable Coolpix S6500, and news that the D5200 is finally making its way to the United States.


Nikon unveils D5200 DSLR, borrows from pricier D7000

It's been a busy year for Nikon's DSLR range, with the Japanese camera company today announcing its fifth model since January. The new D5200 shooter is an improved version of the D5100 and incorporates several features found on Nikon's more advanced D7000…


Nikon updates the V1 with V2, adds new lens, Speedlight

Nikon is hoping to inject some new life into its Nikon 1 series of Compact System Cameras with a new enthusiast model. Should you be enthusiastic?


Best Cameras Under $300

You don’t need to take out a second mortgage for a DSLR to take great photos. Here are our favorite cameras that will do it for under $300.

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Nikon unveils D600, its first budget full-frame DSLR

Here it is, folks. Nikon's long-awaited D600 DSLR, a camera that's sure to prove very tempting for Nikon shooters looking to make the leap to full-frame photography.


Nikon unveils its Android-enabled S800c, compact S7700, and beginner-friendly S01

Ahead of Photokina, Nikon unveils a handful of new Coolpix consumer cameras.


Is Nikon’s Android-based Coolpix S800 camera coming in August?

Nikon could launch the Coolpix S800c, a camera that uses Google Android as its operating system, at the end of August.

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