Nintendo 3DS
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Consumers: Still not on board with 3D

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest device to experience the third dimension's lack of user interest.

Nintendo slashes 3DS price after first-quarter loss

Nintendo 3DS price drops to $170 after Japanese company posts first-ever loss.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D for Nintendo 3DS delayed until 2012

Konami confirms that the planned holiday 2011 release of Nintendo 3DS title Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D has been delayed until sometime in 2012.

College Humor among first 3-D video offerings on Nintendo 3DS

The first crop of 3-D videos on Nintendo 3DS brings the laughs.
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75 percent of new Netflix subscriptions in Q2 were streaming only

Netflix added 1.8 million subscribers in the second quarter, with 75 percent of new subscribers opting of its streaming-only service.

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Review

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions rolls a number of titles from each classic franchise into one package for the Nintendo 3DS, but we found the compilation lacking.

Amazon halts 3DS sales while investigating complaints

3DS sales are being held up while Amazon looks into issues with the handheld gaming device.

NPD: Video game sales continue to fall in June

When's the last time you picked up a new video game? Video game industry sales fell again in June continuing a downward trend.

Netflix now available on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced that Netflix is now available on the Nintendo 3DS, with 3D content coming soon.

Nintendo Video for 3DS launching in North America this summer

Have you been looking for something else to do with the Nintendo 3DS than play Ocarina of Time? Netflix Instant is headed to the latest Nintendo handheld.

Dual Pen Sports Review

Bandai has released a new Nintendo 3DS game filled with several sports mini games, and one unimpressive new gimmick.

Dream Trigger Review

Dream Trigger has fleeting moments of electronica-fueled brilliance, but difficulty bordering on insane and repetitive levels will wear you down over time.