The cost of Nokia’s Ozo VR camera means you probably won’t be getting one

It's the device Nokia hopes will take the VR world by storm, it has eight lenses capturing 360-degree spherical video and eight microphones for 360x360 surround sound, and it costs so much you probably won't be getting one.

This may be another canceled Microsoft tablet we'll never get to hold

A leak has given us a glimpse of the Microsoft Mercury, a mysterious tablet that may have ended up being called a Lumia, if it hadn't been canceled. Will it ever see the light of day?

Nokia plans to test Steve Perlman’s potentially game-changing pCell tech 2:43

Nokia plans to test Artemis Networks' pCell technology, developed by Steve Perlman. The tech is reportedly capable of using congestion to its advantage, in contrast to traditional networks which struggle with mobile congestion.

Evidence suggests Nokia will soon launch wearable devices based on Android Wear

The Nokia brand was once the most recognized brand in the world for mobile devices. Now the company is hoping that brand still has some magic left as it prepares to enter the wearable market.

Say hello to Ozo, Nokia’s VR camera ball for professional content creators

Here it is then, Nokia's first major product since Microsoft bought its mobile phone unit 2 years ago. Determined to get into virtual reality early on, the Finnish company has unveiled Ozo, a VR camera ball that helps media pros capture…

Nokia looks set to unveil VR product at special event next week, report claims

Nokia hasn't done a whole lot in consumer tech since selling off its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013. However, that could be about to change, with a report suggesting the Finnish company is set to unveil a VR product at a special…

Nokia wants a world-class partner to help it make a new phone

Nokia has addressed rumors of its possible return to making smartphones, in an official statement published on its website. In it, the company explains how it could make a new phone, and when it may be possible.

Microsoft Lumia 1030 Rumors: Leaked front panel gives new hope of its existence

The much anticipated Microsoft Lumia 1030 appeared to be dead, but a new leak has given us hope that Microsoft will offer a followup to the very popular Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013.

The citizen journalist: How ordinary people are taking control of the news

Citizens have provided raw footage of events that have altered the course of history and now the technology has arrived to help citizen journalists.

Nokia can’t make phones at the moment, but that won’t stop it designing them says CEO

The CEO at Nokia has spoken about the company's wish to get back in the smartphone business. However, while it can't build and sell phones of its own, it can design them and license the Nokia name.

Stephen Elop, the man who helped engineer the sale of Nokia, is leaving Microsoft

After a year-long executive role at Microsoft, Stephen Elop's voluntarily stepping down. Consolidation is the reason, apparently -- as part of Microsoft's streamlining efforts, Elop's current position will soon no longer exist.

Microsoft may have killed the most interesting Nokia device: a smartwatch called Moonraker

Microsoft may have killed the most interesting device in Nokia's portfolio: a smartwatch called the Moonraker. Images of the device were spotted on a Microsoft designer's blog, and deemed to be genuine by anonymous sources.