MixRadio is now owned by the Line messaging app

Popular messaging app Line has acquired Microsoft's MixRadio streaming music service, which it apparently plans to operate independently of its own, recently announced Line Music service.

Nokia’s Here Maps is here now for Android, here next year for iOS

Nokia's Here Maps is now available on all Android devices from the Google Play Store. Most of Here Maps' best features, such as voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic reports are available. The map app is slated to arrive on iOS in…

Is this a new Lumia camera phone, or an old prototype come to tease us?

An unknown Microsoft Lumia phone has been leaked, and it could be the sequel to the Lumia 1020 PureView camera phone. However, while it's exciting, there's no firm proof it'll ever become more than a prototype.

Nokia’s back with an Android tablet, and its free, single, and fabulous

The N1 Tablet marks Nokia's return to mobile hardware, just a short time after we thought it had left us forever. The Android-based, Z Launcher-equipped slate is great news for us today, and bodes very well for the future. Welcome back…

Lost your crystal ball? Nokia’s Here Maps will predict when the traffic will be at its worst

Nokia has launched Predictive Traffic, a feature soon to be integrated with its Here Maps navigation program, which will help plan the fastest and least congested route up to 12 hours in advance.

Fresh off its Microsoft divorce, Nokia’s first Android tablet has arrived

Nokia has already forgotten about Microsoft and Windows Phone. The reinvigorated company has launched the N1 tablet, which runs Android 5.0 Lollipop, plus Nokia's own Z Launcher user interface. It'll go on sale next year for $250.

Nokia’s back in black with a mysterious unboxing planned for November 18

Nokia may have sold its mobile devices division to Microsoft, but it's still got plenty of life left in it. The firm has teased the announcement of something new at a startup event this week, and all will be revealed on November 18.

Got a Windows Phone 8 Lumia? It will definitely get Windows 10

With Windows 10 still a year out from availability, we've assembled announces pertaining to current Windows Phone handsets receiving the update. Read on to see if your phone made the cut.

Microsoft teases the arrival of its first Lumia phone on November 11 in new video (Updated)

Microsoft will reveal the first Lumia phone to wear its own name instead of Nokia's, at an event held on November 11. The phone is a mystery for now, but a teaser video gives us a hint of what's to come.

Samsung no longer wants to pay Microsoft royalties, blames Nokia deal

According to a court filing, Samsung no longer wishes to pay royalties to Microsoft. According to Samsung, the problem lies in Microsoft's purchase of Nokia, which makes Microsoft a direct hardware competitor.

Forget the Nokia Lumia name, from now on it’s Microsoft Lumia all the way

Microsoft has officially announced the beginning of its rebranding exercise regarding Nokia. The Nokia Lumia name, wherever it's found, will be gradually replaced with the new Microsoft Lumia name.

Watch out for new Microsoft Lumia branding replacing the classic Nokia name soon

Microsoft's long overdue rebranding of Nokia's mobile division may be about to begin, and it could all start with the company's social networking sites becoming known as Microsoft Lumia pages.