Microsoft plans to kill the Nokia Asha, Series 40, and other budget phones

Microsoft plans to axe the entry-level Nokia Asha lineup and other Series 40 devices over the next 18 months. This news comes right after the company announced layoffs for 18,000 workers and the end of the Nokia X.

Nokia may offer MixRadio on iPhone and Android devices

Nokia's music-streaming service MixRadio will now be a spin off company. Its CEO Jyrki Rosenberg said that MixRadio is considering making apps for iOS and Android, too.

Microsoft axes Nokia X Android project, cuts 18,000 jobs

Microsoft officially killed off the Nokia X Android smartphone project. CEO Satya Nadella said that select Nokia X devices will now be converted into Windows Phone devices, but did not say which ones will make the transition.

Possible Lumia 820 replacement leaked, still wearing Nokia branding

A new Windows Phone smartphone said to be the Lumia 830 has been leaked, and despite new owner Microsoft recently taking control, the phone still wears Nokia branding. It may be one of four soon-to-be-released devices from the company.

Nokia’s Lumia 635 comes to T-Mobile and Metro PCS

T-Mobile and Metro PCS will be the first U.S networks to sell the long-awaited budget Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone. The Windows Phone device will arrive in stores on July 16-18 for less than $200.

Microsoft continues its Android experiment with the Nokia X2 smartphone

Nokia has announced another Android-based smartphone, the Nokia X2, which joins its existing range of X devices launched at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It's Android, but not as we know it.

Microsoft launching a new device on Tuesday: is the Nokia X2 imminent?

Microsoft has officially started the countdown for a due product launch this Tuesday, and the indications are it's a new handset to add to its Android-powered Nokia X line of phones.

Nokia shows off the Z Launcher for Android with a simple, smart design

Nokia may not make smartphones anymore, but it's still working on cool projects. The company unveiled a new home screen app for Android called the Z Launcher. The app lets you customize your home screen and predicts which apps you'll want…

These pants can wirelessly charge your Nokia Lumia phone

British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage and Microsoft have teamed up to bring us the world's first pair of pants that can wirelessly charge your smartphone, so long as that smartphone is a Nokia Lumia handset.

Nokia paid off blackmailers six years ago to keep Symbian source code secret

Nokia reportedly paid millions of euros to hackers who threatened to reveal the source code for its Symbian smartphone OS. The incident, which happened six years ago, is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Nokia X2 Android phone specs leak in benchmarks

Specs for the Nokia X2 Android smartphone popped up in AnTuTu benchmark test results recently. The Nokia X2 features minor improvements, but little has changed. Will Nokia make more Android phones soon?

Apple has hired Nokia’s head of Lumia photography

Lumia photography lead Ari Partinen announced that, starting in June, he will be working for Apple. While his role at the company was not revealed, he will presumable have a similar role to the one he held while working for Nokia.