This Nokia Lumia 520 stopped a bullet, saving a police officer

A Military Police officer went to his mother's house to have his uniform washed, only to be greeted by robbers and their bullets. Luckily, the officer walked out unscathed, thanks in part to his Lumia 520.

Nokia gets a new CEO and new hopes, Microsoft gets a poorly performing smartphone business

Following the closure of the deal to sell its devices division to Microsoft, Nokia has announced a new CEO, Rajeev Suri. It has also revealed its last smartphone financial figures, and the news isn't good for the new owners.

Nokia to take selfies seriously with next Windows Phone, codename Superman

A rumor indicates Microsoft may be working on a new smartphone, codename Superman, which will feature a 5-megapixel front camera. This would make it the most powerful selfie cam we've seen on a Windows Phone device.

Microsoft now owns Nokia, but with a few changes to the original plan (Updated)

It's a month behind schedule, but Microsoft has confirmed it will close the deal to acquire Nokia's Devices division on April 25. It has also announced a few changes to the original agreement.

Nokia may be renamed Microsoft Mobile once deal closes

A leaked letter, supposedly from Nokia to its business partners, suggests the Nokia name will be replaced by Microsoft Mobile once the forthcoming sale closes at the end of this month.

Nokia halts Lumia 2520 tablet sales due to charger shock hazard

Nokia halted sales of its Lumia 2520 tablet due to concerns over the tablet's charger. According to Nokia, the defect, which affects European and U.S. users, could lead to the charger shocking you while it's plugged in.

Sophisticated Nokia X camera app unofficially ported to other Android 4.1+ devices

Over at the XDA forums, a developer has managed to port the Nokia X camera app to other Android 4.1+ devices. Nokia's app is unique because it gives users to manually adjust the camera's parameters. However, success varies.

Microsoft’s Nokia deal given the final go-ahead, set to close later this month (Updated)

Following a delay, Nokia has confirmed the sale of its Devices division to Microsoft has received the final go-ahead from authorities in China, and now expects the deal to close by the end of April.

Lumia 930 vs. Lumia Icon vs. Lumia 1520: Here’s how Nokia stacks up against itself

Nokia's newest edition to its flagship Lumia lineup is the Lumia 930, a device touting a motion processor and wide range of available networks. However, how does the company's newest smartphone compare when placed side-by-side with the…

Lumia 930 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S: Nokia’s latest against Apple and Samsung

Android and iOS still dominate mobile, but Windows would rather not be forgotten. The Lumia 930 is the newest flagship Windows Phone. How does it stack up against the best that Android and iOS have to offer? We find out.