Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1 arrives at T-Mobile and Cricket (updated)

Nokia, or should that be Microsoft, announced the Lumia 530 earlier this year, and now it has been confirmed for sale by the T-Mobile and Cricket networks, plus several high-street retailers.

Cute video shows most cats choose the Lumia 930 over other smartphones

Microsoft will do just about anything to get you interested in the Lumia 930 smartphone. Take a look at this cute video featuring a family of adorable cats using the phone to keep in touch. Yes, we said cats.

AT&T does the right thing, snaps up the new 4G LTE Lumia 830

If you're tempted by the Lumia 830 Windows Phone smartphone - and we think it's worthy of your attention - then AT&T has some good news for you: It'll start selling the new 4G LTE phone in the near future.

You could soon charge your phone by singing to it

Researchers from Nokia and the Queen Mary University of London are working on a smartphone prototype that is recharged by sound waves. In other words, ambient sound such as music and human voice can recharge the phone.

Microsoft’s cryptic invite could be for the super selfie Lumia 730 smartphone (Updated)

A new Lumia smartphone, complete with Windows Phone 8.1 installed, is being rumored for release over the coming months. It's codename Superman, and it may have an extra special front camera for super selfies.

The Nokia 130 is a funky $25 MP3 player that’s also a mobile phone

The Nokia 130 has an MP3 player, an FM radio, a video player, and a MicroSD card slot inside, and it costs just $25. Oh, and it's also a mobile phone, so you can make calls and send messages too.

Nokia job postings hint at return to Android phones

Nokia may make new Android smartphones in the future. Recent job postings show that the company is looking for engineers, designers, and more with a background in Android.
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Organic power: Nokia charges Lumia 930 with 800 potatoes and apples

It may only come in handy if you happen to be near a grocery store (and you have some copper wire and nails in your bag), but Nokia and artist Caleb Charland still had fun demonstrating how a load of potatoes and apples can be used to…

Microsoft plans to kill the Nokia Asha, Series 40, and other budget phones

Microsoft plans to axe the entry-level Nokia Asha lineup and other Series 40 devices over the next 18 months. This news comes right after the company announced layoffs for 18,000 workers and the end of the Nokia X.

Nokia may offer MixRadio on iPhone and Android devices

Nokia's music-streaming service MixRadio will now be a spin off company. Its CEO Jyrki Rosenberg said that MixRadio is considering making apps for iOS and Android, too.