The citizen journalist: How ordinary people are taking control of the news

Citizens have provided raw footage of events that have altered the course of history and now the technology has arrived to help citizen journalists.

Nokia can’t make phones at the moment, but that won’t stop it designing them says CEO

The CEO at Nokia has spoken about the company's wish to get back in the smartphone business. However, while it can't build and sell phones of its own, it can design them and license the Nokia name.

Stephen Elop, the man who helped engineer the sale of Nokia, is leaving Microsoft

After a year-long executive role at Microsoft, Stephen Elop's voluntarily stepping down. Consolidation is the reason, apparently -- as part of Microsoft's streamlining efforts, Elop's current position will soon no longer exist.

Microsoft may have killed the most interesting Nokia device: a smartwatch called Moonraker

Microsoft may have killed the most interesting device in Nokia's portfolio: a smartwatch called the Moonraker. Images of the device were spotted on a Microsoft designer's blog, and deemed to be genuine by anonymous sources.

Mobile gaming has come full circle with a sequel to Snake

If you owned a cellphone in the late '90s or early 2000s, you might remember playing Snake to pass the time. The original creators have come back 18 years later with a sequel that will attract a new generation of players.

Nokia says it doesn’t have plans to make or sell consumer smartphones

Reports of Nokia’s interest in returning to manufacturing smartphones have been greatly exaggerated. The Finland-based communications company released a straightforward statement restating that it has no plans to manufacture or sell…

Nokia may return to smartphones, but not until next year

On the heels of Nokia's announcement of a $16.6 billion purchase of Alcatel-Lucent, rumors have begun to surface that the company could return to selling Nokia-branded smartphones as early as next year.

Nokia’s serious about 5G, acquires Alcatel-Lucent to boost development

Nokia has announced it will acquire Alcatel-Lucent for $16 billion. Despite a similarity in name with Alcatel OneTouch, the deal isn't about smartphones, and is instead about accelerating development related to 5G networks.

Nokia’s HERE Maps navigates its way back to iOS

Nokia suddenly pulled its Here mapping app from the iTunes store in December 2013, citing issues with iOS 7 that the company said adversely affected the app's performance. More than a year on and the Finnish firm has finally…
Android Army

Hands on: Nokia N1 tablet

The Nokia N1 is the famous company's return to the mobile world, although it's not a smartphone, but an Android tablet. Nokia has installed its own Z Launcher, which learns how you use the tablet and adapts it to make the experience faster…

MixRadio is now owned by the Line messaging app

Popular messaging app Line has acquired Microsoft's MixRadio streaming music service, which it apparently plans to operate independently of its own, recently announced Line Music service.

Nokia’s Here Maps is here now for Android, here next year for iOS

Nokia's Here Maps is now available on all Android devices from the Google Play Store. Most of Here Maps' best features, such as voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic reports are available. The map app is slated to arrive on iOS in…