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Barnes & Noble slashes prices of Nook Color, Nook Tablet

Making way for the promotion of the new tablets in the Nook line, consumers will be able to find better prices on the Nook Color and Nook Tablet today.
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Future Nooks will include NFC tech for in-store book scanning

As more book sales transition from physical to digital copies, Barnes & Noble is looking to NFC technology to attract more customers into the retail locations around the country.
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B&N eats its words, unveils a weaker 8GB Nook Tablet for $200

After trashing the Kindle Fire for not having enough RAM or Storage space, Barnes & Noble has released a new $200 Nook Tablet with half the RAM and half the storage of the original model.

Reports say that a new Nook may be coming this spring from Barnes & Noble

Only a month after discussing plans to spin off its Nook business, word is that Barnes & Noble has another device up its sleeves coming this spring.

Barnes & Noble cuts price of its Nook devices

Barnes & Noble has cut the price of its range of Nook mobile devices - provided buyers also purchase a subscription to either the New York Times or People magazine.
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Why Barnes & Noble should (and shouldn’t) spin off the Nook

Barnes & Noble says its Nook business should generate $1.5 billion this fiscal year, even as it scaled back its forecast for overall earnings for the year. Is it time to spin the Nook off into a separate business?
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Book smarts: Why Barnes & Noble is wheeling out big legal guns to back the Nook

Barnes & Noble's Nook business continues to succeed while traditional book sales falter, potentially making it a product worth fighting one of the largest companies in the world for.
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Barnes and Noble unveils 7-inch Nook Tablet: 1GHz dual-core, 1GB RAM, $249

Barnes and Noble came out swinging against Amazon's Kindle Fire today with its newly unveiled Nook Tablet, which sports a 1GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM for a cost of $249.
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Barnes & Noble announces special event for Monday – new Nook expected

Barnes & Noble sent out invites to a special event in New York scheduled for Monday. It's widely expected that the bookseller will unveil a new tablet to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire and Kobo's Vox devices.
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Kobo announces Vox tablet to take on Kindle Fire

In time for Christmas, Canadian company Kobo has unveiled a 7-inch Android tablet that it hopes will draw consumers away from Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Rumors of an ‘iPad mini’ begin to surface

Rumors of an 'iPad mini' are returning, but will Apple even consider a 7-inch or cheaper tablet?