Notion Ink Adam

Second time’s the charm? Notion Ink is back with the Adam 2 tablet

The second generation of the Notion Ink Adam appears to be real and might even be inexpensive. Can the team that tried and failed so spectacularly before deliver a tablet that people will love or at least like?

Can Notion Ink’s Adam elevate the tablet to a new generation?

Rather than merely copying Apple, Notion Ink’s Adam blazes new trails with innovative features like a hybrid Pixel Qui screen, high-power GPU and swiveling camera, which may make it the first second-gen tablet.

Does Apple’s iPad Prove We’re Too Gullible?

Rob Enderle asks how a product that stacks up so short beside similar competitors has moved to the forefront of the tablet discussion.

Apple iPad Alternatives from Amazon, HP, Dell and More

A handful of iPad alternatives could actually outperform Apple’s hot new device in many ways. Rob Enderle explores the potential pros and cons of tablets including the Dell Mini 5, HP Tablet, and Notion Ink Adam.