Nvidia’s Pascal will take video memory to a whole new level

Nvidia's next-generation Pascal GPU architecture is going to massively increase the available bandwidth to GPUs, leveraging HBM2 to improve high end cards to levels that far exceed even that offered by AMD's Fury line.

Nvidia refreshes the Shield Tablet with a much lower price point

Likely wanting to make the Shield Tablet more friendly to your wallet, Nvidia announced the Shield Tablet K1, which is simply the original Shield Tablet with a $200 price point and Nvidia's quad-core Tegra K1 processor.

Gameworks VR may boost Unreal Engine 4 performance by up to 50 percent

Epic and Nvidia have announced a partnership that brings Gameworks VR to the Unreal engine, a move that the green team says can significantly enhance performance and game compatibility.

Corsair's versatile new Hydro Series brackets allow for CPU and GPU cooling

Corsair has released brackets capable of converting any Corsair Hyrdro Series CPU cooler into a convenient GPU cooler. Now you have something to do with your old CPU cooler when you upgrade it!

Nvidia's game-ready drivers hit just in time for Fallout 4

Plainly dubbed version 358.91, Nvidia's latest update brings a host of enhancements to GeForce owners, such as optimizations and patches for some of this month's major game releases.

Bethesda spoils Creation Engine improvements ahead of Fallout 4 launch

In an official dev blog post composed by Bethesda Game Studios, the Fallout 4 developer described today its improvements to the Creation Engine since the release of Skyrim in 2011.

Nvidia releases ‘game ready’ drivers for Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Video game enthusiasts are eager to start playing the likes of Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront as soon as possible -- and Nvidia has a schedule of driver updates to make sure things run smoothly.

DirectX 12 tests prove AMD and Nvidia is a match made in heaven

Oxide Games has taken things to a new level by achieving a feat fanboys will loathe: rigging their system to run on both an AMD and Nvidia GPU simultaneously, thanks to DirectX 12's Explicit Multi-adapter tech.

Want to play games on your Surface Book? Prepare for disappointment

Microsoft's inclusion of an Nvidia GPU in the Surface Book suggests it might work for light gaming, but several issues prevent it from playing as hard as it works.

Details of Nvidia GPU in Microsoft Surface Book revealed

Reddit users keen to know more about the Surface Book have gathered information on its GPU by testing out demo versions of the device recently distributed to Microsoft's retail locations.

Nvidia expands GeForce Experience with 4K support

Nvidia's GeForce experience is constantly improving, offering more services and features to users and today is no different. The service now supports full 1080p, 60fps Twitch and YouTube streaming, as well as 4K 60fps streaming on a local…

Eurocom’s X9 is the latest laptop with desktop hardware

Eurocom has detailed the Sky X9, a powerful new laptop that makes full use of a desktop-grade CPU and the Nvidia GTX 980 to offer high-resolution gaming on the go.