Virtual Reality

Zotac teases tether-free VR gaming using a Zbox mini-PC stuffed into a backpack

A new video released by Zotac teases tether-free VR gaming using a Zbox stuffed into a backpack and the HTC Vive. Zotac doesn't show the battery it uses in the mobile setup, but it's likely relying on the upcoming EN980 Zbox…

Die shot shows GTX 1070 GPU, rumors say it will use GDDR5X memory

Nvidia's GP104-200 GPU die can be spotted in a few screenshots dumped on the Web. It will supposedly come packed in the upcoming GTX 1070 card with GDDR5 memory.
Virtual Reality

Acer puts its bets on open-source VR, touts support for Razer’s OSVR in latest gaming PCs

Acer is embracing virtual reality by supporting the OSVR platform in new devices and computers. This is an open-source initiative backed by the likes of Intel and Razer that provides a$300 "hacker kit" for both developers and consumers…

Maingear’s Pulse 15 Pro makes working on-the-go easier, packs performance in small size

Maingear has introduced the Pulse 15 Pro, a new mobile workstation based on Intel processors and Nvidia's Quadro M2000 GPU. It measures just 0.75-inches thick and weighs just 4 pounds, in spite of its advanced hardware.

More rumors point to June release of Nvidia’s much-anticipated GTX 10-series graphics

New sources suggest Nvidia is set to show off its new Pascal graphics cards at this year's Computex show in early-June, meaning it could only be a couple months until we can all get our hands on a powerful new GPU.

Gigabyte is the latest to shoot its GTX 950 with a shrink-ray

Much like other manufacturers, Gigabyte has shrunk down a GTX 950, removed its additional power connector and sent it off into the wild. It's a decent little card, with a small footprint.

Nvidia's 2016 conference shows the serious side of the GPU

Games is the video card's traditional focus, but GPUs are becoming increasingly useful for cognitive computing, self-driving cars, and professional applications of virtual reality.

Zotac’s VR-Ready mini-PC should arrive this summer, will be liquid cooled

Additional details regarding Zotac's upcoming VR-ready Zbox mini-PC are available, including the actual dimensions, processor type, and GPU. The compact PC manages to pack in a water-cooling system despite its size.

A rare peek at Presto, Pixar’s secret weapon for animation domination

Everyone loves the vibrant worlds and characters of Pixar, but behind each Dory and Buzz Lightyear is a powerful set of software and hardware tols. Pixar gave attends of GTC 2016 a rare look at how its in-house technology works.
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First trailer for Star Wars origin story Rogue One lands online 2:53

Is it December 16th yet? No? Well, that’s the day Rogue One: A Star Wars story opens and the first trailer for the movie has hit the Internet. Plus: Reddit gives users a troll blocker, Nvidia goes full overkill on VR refresh…
Virtual Reality

Nvidia’s prototype 1,700Hz display could unlock frame rates for future VR

Cutting down the time between movement and what your eyes see is the big goal of VR development. To help with that venture, Nvidia has prototyped a new display that can output at as much as 1,700Hz.

Xotic PC just dropped a metric ton of VR Ready desktops and laptops

Xotic CEO Justin Nolte tells us about what Xotic PC is doing to bring high-end Virtual Reality headsets into your home with its new lineup of VR Ready laptops and desktops powered by Nvidia GPUs.