EVGA’s newest 980 Ti is built specifically for gamers with VR headsets

EVGA has a special VR edition of the 980 Ti, with an internal HDMI port and 5.25-inch breakout box to be placed at the front of a PC's case. This unique arrangement should make it easier to plug in, or remove, a headset.

Fallout 4 looks better than ever with the latest update on PC

Fallout 4's Patch 1.3 brings a whole assortment of fixes, including a new HBAO+ ambient occlusion setting, improved keymapping, an extensive list of quest repairs, and an exclusive treat for Nvidia graphics card owners.

Nvidia's new, tiny GT 710 could give old rigs new life as a home theater PC 0:47

The newly announced GT 710 from Nvidia is a budget video card targeting home theater computers. Its specifications are extremely basic -- it doesn't even support 4K at 60Hz -- but it could give new life to an old computer with an…

Rumor: Nvidia 980MX and 970MX updates coming this summer

Nvidia will release the Geforce GTX 980MX and 970MX this summer, according to the latest rumors. The GPUs will bring mobile gaming a little bit closer to desktop gaming.

Alienware 13 with OLED hands-on: Your favorite game has never looked better 1:42

Alienware's smallest notebook will receive its best display this spring. While the notebook's design unfortunately won't receive a major update, the system will apologize for that slight with its surprisingly affordable price.

Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 is the brains behind Volvo’s autonomous test cars

Nvidia unveiled its latest computer for self-driving cars at CES. The Drive PX 2 can quickly "learn" how to deal with unexpected situations on the road, and process information faster, Nvidia claims.
Virtual Reality

Nvidia warns most PCs can’t handle virtual reality

If your PC is pretty capable at games but not great, you may need an upgrade before commercial Virtual Reality rolls around. That's the tale Nvidia is pushing at least, as it tries to encourage some post-Christmas, Pre-Pascal GPU buying.

Samsung gets the best of Nvidia in patent battle, but the war isn't over

Samsung is getting the better of a legal fight between it and Nvidia, as the International Trade Commission has ruled the company infringed on three Samsung patents. Nvidia says it will appeal.

Virtual reality fans should upgrade their Nvidia GeForce drivers today

If you use Nvidia GeForce cards for your virtual reality setup, update your drivers today. Gameworks VR 1.1 brings SLI to OpenGL titles, and the Oculus SKD.

Rumor: Nvidia readying new mobile mainstream GPUs

Nvidia may be releasing a new line of GPUs before next year's Maxwell update, though these are of the on-board variety. The mobile GPUs are rumored to be replacements for the 920M, 930M and 940M, adding GDDR5 support to all.

Nvidia is upgrading Nvidia 750Tis to 950s with new PC builds for free

Nvidia is looking to bring entry-level gamers into the latest generation of hardware with a free upgrade its offering to those buying systems with GTX 750Tis, bumping them up to the much more capable GTX 950 for not a penny more.

Nvidia’s Pascal will take video memory to a whole new level

Nvidia's next-generation Pascal GPU architecture is going to massively increase the available bandwidth to GPUs, leveraging HBM2 to improve high end cards to levels that far exceed even that offered by AMD's Fury line.