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Finders keepers is the new rule when it comes to asteroid mining

On Thursday, President Obama signed the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act into law, which grants companies the rights to whatever they manage to pluck out of these extraterrestrial bodies.

The Justice Department won’t help the FCC fight against local broadband restrictions

The FCC is in the midst of legal action to tackle state restrictions on municipal broadband, but the Department of Justice has declined to take any stand in the cases.

CrowdStrike still detecting Chinese hacks, despite landmark U.S.-China deal

Even though the meeting between President Obama and President Xi of China seemed to go quite well, it hasn't stopped the commercial hacking of American interests by state-sponsored hackers.

White House: Broadband is now a ‘core utility’ for everyone

A new report this week from the White House says that broadband has "shifted from an optional amenity to a core utility" and makes several recommendations for improving access for people across the country.

The College Scorecard and updated FAFSA are making college apps easier than ever

After a series of changes, the White House is making the process of applying to and selecting colleges easier and more technologically advanced than ever before with the release of the college scorecard and the updated FAFSA.

Microsoft to help moderate China-US tech firm meeting

Obama may be looking to give stern words to Chinese President Xi Jingping over hacking claims, but before that happens the Eastern leader will meet with Bill Gates and other tech executives to discuss increased digital cooperation.

Exaflop supercomputer project begins, thanks to executive order from President Obama

President Obama has signed an executive order that lays the groundwork for the world's first exaflop supercomputer. If the project is successful, it will result in a system 20 times more powerful than any current supercomputer.

White House response to petition for Edward Snowden’s pardon — “No”

The White House has shot down a two year old petition that had called for the pardon of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, with the administration maintaining its hard line stance on the issue.

EFF draws attention to Ethiopian Internet surveillance during Obama visit

Ethiopia has facing pressure from EFF following accusations of illegally tracking the internet habits of a US citizen all the while President Obama visits the country where he has been urged to address human rights abuses.
Social Media

Hulk Hogan stokes the flames, equates his use of the N-word to Obama’s

Hulk Hogan is floundering, retweeting a comment that implies his recent firing for using the N-word is similar to Obama's use of the word in a frank discussion about race, which came from a recent interview with Marc Maron.

President Obama will appear on Marc Maron’s Web podcast “WTF”

Taking place in a crowded garage on Friday morning, the President of the United States will be recording a lengthy interview with comedian Marc Maron for a podcast that's called WTF.

Google executive vows to do better after racists results appear in Google Maps

Following the PR nightmare of the racist Google Maps search for "n---- house" that landed users at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Google has issued an official apology by vice president of Engineering and Product Management Jen Fitzpatrick.