Samsung shelves OLED in favor of Quantum Dot display tech for next-gen televisions

Samsung won't be bringing any OLED TVs to CES 2015, but we may see some new displays using Quantum Dot technology. Will LG follow suit, or will it keep pressing forward with OLED?

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LG officially announces shutdown of plasma display business – Update

After hinting at a plasma business shutdown, LG finally officially announced its exit, saying it was ceasing plasma display panel (PDP) production as of tomorrow. This leaves only one PDP manufacturer in the world, and that company's panels don't reach US…

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Take out that second mortgage: LG’s astonishing 4K OLED TVs are coming home

LG announces its Ultra HD 4K OLED TVs will soon be available for purchase, marking a new era in display technology. However, it's highly likely pricing will put them out of reach for the average Joe.

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Experts can’t agree which is best: LG’s new OLED or Samsung’s year-old plasma

An annual TV shootout among top-tier televisions sees LG's $3500 OLED take the top spot, though competing models came very close.

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LG’s $3500 OLED TV is the answer to plasma lovers’ prayers

LG has announced one of its OLED TV models, the 55EC9300, is now available for $3500. The dramatic drop in price answers the call from video enthusiasts for a display that rivals the now discontinued plasma display technology.

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Roll your own: LG’s flexible OLED panels pave the way for TV from a tube [Update: new video]

LG has developed an ultra-flexible 18-inch OLED panel that can be rolled up into a tube. The company says the new panel is proof that rollable OLED televisions 50-inches and larger are just a few years away.

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Samsung hammers final nail into plasma TV’s coffin, will end panel production in November 2014

Samsung recently announced it will cease plasma display production, signalling the ultimate death of the technology, which to this day remains superior to LCD-based televisions in terms of pure picture quality.

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Sony tables OLED (again) to concentrate on 4K televisions

Sony is apparently officially stepping away from OLED TV development to better focus on 4K TV, according to a recent report. The news comes as little surprise, considering the company has backed away from OLED several times already over the past couple of…

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Learn to love the curve: Research predicts 6 million curved TVs to ship in 2017

Research by NPD's DisplaySearch points to rapid diversification within the global television market — which is good news for big TV brands. The popularity of the curved HDTV is forecast to increase through 2017, when researchers claim it will likely fade…

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Could Apple’s iTV be OLED? No, but that hasn’t stopped speculation

Another Apple iTV rumor emerges, this time with visions of an OLED display for the company's long-awaited piece of flat screen hardware. But as industry analysts predict the future of the iTV ad infinitum, is Apple pointing its gaze elsewhere?

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Forget LED bulbs, LG is already making OLED lights

LG has just pulled the curtain back on a new table lamp that uses a thin OLED sheet to produce light instead of a traditional LED or incandescent bulb.


LG slashes price on 55-inch curved OLED in half, now under $7,000 with rebate

LG has chopped the price on its 55-inch curved OLED television in half, bring the total cost to under $7000 with an instant rebate. LG is also set to bring out a new range of OLED televisions later this year, when we may see further price drops.

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LG to bring five OLED TV models to CES 2014

LG's aim to lead the industry in OLED TV development has resulted in a total of five new models to be shown at CES 2014. The line-up is headed up by a 77-inch Ultra HD curved model, originally shown at IFA 2013 in Berlin.


Want giant TV, will travel: Seeing the latest TVs now requires Delta instead of FedEx

Last year required tens of thousands of miles worth of flight time, lame airport food, and intolerably cramped seats in order to gain access to the year's hottest televisions. Why is that, and was it worth it?

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