Olympic giant Michael Phelps takes aim at Silicon Valley

When you've won 28 Olympic gold medals, two things are for sure. You can't ever top that, and you've got cash to invest. Michael Phelps, please meet the companies of Silicon Valley.
Social Media

3 ways social media is warping politics more than ever

We may treat politics as a spectator sport on Facebook and Twitter, but our reactions there are feeding back into the system and changing the process more than ever.

Going for gold in Tokyo will be green, thanks to medals made of e-waste

The prizes of the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo may just be made from e-waste -- the gold, silver, and bronze that is recycled from discarded smartphones and other consumer electronics.

Japan’s prime minister became ‘Super Mario’ at the Olympic closing ceremony

It's not every day you see a world leader dressed up as a famous video game character, but that's exactly what happened during the Rio Olympics' closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Photo finish: Here’s how the cameras at the Olympic finish lines actually work

Usain Bolt may be the fastest man in the world, but his photo finish was captured by a camera shooting at 10,000 frames per second. Here's how the tech behind the Olympics finish line camera works.

That dancing Olympic weightlifter just got the green-screen treatment

An Olympic weightlifter from the tiny Pacific island of Kiribati has been making quite a name for himself in Rio this week, performing a full-on dance after every lift. And thanks to the green backdrop, the entertainment factor…
Movies & TV

The 2016 Rio Olympics should get a gold medal for online streaming

The 2016 Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has shattered NBC's record for minutes streamed in its first 10 days of competition. This year's Olympics is the first time the broadcast network coverage has been streamed simultaneously…

These are the most popular cameras and lenses at the Olympics, Canon says

According to a survey by Canon, most photographers at the 2016 games in Rio are shooting with the company's gear. So what are the most popular bodies and lenses at the games? The flagship EOS-1D X Mark II is one of them.

‘Pokémon Go’ may as well be an Olympic sport this year

It's already bigger than Tinder, has overtaken Twitter, and now, Pokémon Go is giving top athletes a run for their money, too. That's right -- the wildly successful game just may be more popular than the Olympics.

New Olympic record: Getty publishes photos shortly after they've been taken

Getty's team of photographers and editors at the Summer Olympics in Rio can shoot, upload, edit, and share images in as little as two minutes. The system that enables them to do so was seven years in the making.

Google Trends offers fun facts, interactive visuals, search data with its Olympic Hub

Want to know what everyone is searching for on the internet during the Olympics? Google has added an Olympic Hub in Google Trends that offers interactive visuals, search data on trending athletes and sports, and even fun facts.

Photographer catches man wearing his stolen gear during Rio Olympics

Brett Costello, a photojournalist covering the Olympics, had his gear – worth $40,000 – stolen right in front of him. In an interesting turn of events, Costello later spots a man using his equipment.