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Japan shows off proposed Olympic stadium designs after scrapping pricey first effort

Following increasing criticism of its outlandish design and spiraling construction costs, the Japanese government in July scrapped the original plan for its 2020 Olympic stadium. This week it unveiled two new proposals by acclaimed Japanese…

Japanese companies want autonomous taxis ready in time for 2020 Olympics

Two Japanese companies hope to put autonomous taxis on Tokyo streets in time for the 2020 Olympics. The cars would likely be based on existing production models from a third-party manufacturer.
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Discovery scoops European TV rights to the Olympics from BBC

A new deal between Discovery and the International Olympic Committee means the BBC will no longer have Olympics TV rights from 2022 onwards. Eurosport, owned by Discovery, will broadcast the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.
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Japan wants to see robots compete against each other in the 2020 Summer Olympics

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics, and if Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has any say in the matter, the world will see the world’s robots come together to compete for robotic supremacy.
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There is a Locked beer fridge in Sochi that requires a Canadian passport to open

Definitely one of the most unique ways to open a refrigerator, beer company Molson Canadian specifically designed a beer fridge that only pops open after verifying a Canadian passport.

Game dev protests Russia’s anti-gay laws with this fabulous game starring Putin

A new Flash game titled Putin’s Olympic Game from Dutch game developer Robin Ras, protests Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay stance by putting him in the Olympics, but with a twist.

How Shaun White and other Olympians are going for gold with GoPros

GoPro cameras have gone from a staple of amateur YouTube stars to a real tool for elite athletes, who are using them to refine their techniques at the Olympic level.

Shoot, ski, record: How biathletes use tech to stay on target

The biathlon may have originated from the hardship of life in Scandinavia, but in modern times, tech helps athletes master the sport’s unique demands.

To shave fractions of a second, lugers turn to GoPros and computer design

When you race down an icy track on your back at upwards of 80 miles an hour, even the slightest design tweaks and training tips can make the difference between victory and catastrophe.
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To Sochi! Dogecoin community funds $7,000 Olympic ‘miracle’ for Indian athletes

A week after raising more than $30,000 to help fund the Jamaican bobsled team’s trip to Sochi, the Dogecoin community has stepped up with nearly $7,000 in donations of the meme-themed virtual currency to help send three athletes from…
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NBC will stream Olympics coverage on Facebook

NBC will stream 2014 Sochi Olympics coverage on Facebook, using the social network as a promotional tool for the Winter Games. They've already got Macklemore involved...
Social Media

Sochi Winter Olympic reporters can use Instagram — but video clips are out

The IOC clarified that social media use is allowed for journalists at the 2014 Winter Olympics. While you'll see plenty of Instagram images from the games, video clips will be banned.