Palm Pre

Poor lil’ fella: The Palm Pre is only $10.50 on eBay

Who doesn't love a bargain? Smartphone bargains are even more welcome, and the thought of grabbing a flagship model for 86 percent less than the retail price has us dribbling. However, there is a catch.

HP keeps its promise, launches beta of Open webOS

HP finally does right by webOS, giving it a home as an open source platform.

The HP Pre 3 will not be sold in the US

HP does not plan to sell the HP Pre 3 in the United States, it will only be sold in a limited release.

Verizon Slashes Palm Smartphone Prices to the Bone

Verizon Wireless has cut prices on the Palm phones: the Palm Pre Plus is now just $50, the Palm Pixi is $30, and buying either gets you a second one free.

Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus Coming to AT&T

AT&T will be offering the Palm Pre Pus and Palm Pixi Plus, perhaps giving Palm more exposure as it struggles against Android, BlackBerries, and the iPhone.

Palm’s Third Quarter Sales Drop 29 Percent

Times are tough for smartphone maker Palm. it sold just over 400,000 smartphones in its third fiscal quarter, a drop of 29 percent.

Palm Joins ICU Ward, Looks for Savior

After a miserable 2009 Palm is left with few options for the future of it's business. Hail Mary or throw in the towel?

Palm Admits to Sluggish Pre, Pixi Sales

An update to investors reveals slower-than-expected sales for the WebOS lifeboat that Palm reluctantly piled its eggs into last year.

Palm Debuts 3D Games for WebOS

Palm introduced seven 3D mobile games for webOS, some from big-name developers such as Electronic Arts.

Sprint Third Quarter Loss Widens to $478 Million

Sprint lost $478 million during the third quarter of 2009...but CEO Dan Hesse says things are looking up.

Apple Launches iTunes 9.0.2…and Palm Pres Can’t Sync Again

Apple has launched iTunes 9.0.2 to support its latest Apple TV 3.0 software...and along the way they disabled the Palm Pre's ability to sync with iTunes. Again.