Pandora CFO says Steve Jobs ‘eviscerated the music industry’ with iTunes

In an earnings call, Pandora CFO Mike Herring pointed the finger at Steve Jobs for the last 15 years of trouble in the music industry. Pandora faces a difficult week waiting to find out whether it'll have to pay higher artist royalties.

Pandora launches Thumbprint Radio, a playlist based on your favorite songs

Pandora has launched Thumbprint Radio, an uber-personalized playlist based on songs you've favorited over the years. It's live now, but you'll have to meet a few basic requirements in order to use it.

Pandora CEO: Free on-demand music streaming habit is killing the music industry

The music industry has long been in a state of flux, but it might also be in danger, according to Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews. In a new op-ed, he argues that free on-demand streaming has created a destructive gray market.

YouTube Music isn’t ready to be your daily music driver just yet 2:03

With Spotify and Apple Music already dominating a music-streaming market will YouTube Music be able to leave it's mark in the genre? We went hands-on in this video review.

Rdio Free will be the only available streaming service from Rdio

The music streamer recently acquired by Pandora has explained current subscriptions will be cancelled on their next billing period and switched to free, ad-supported service. Rdio Free will continue to be offered until the service goes…

Spotify unveils treasure trove of listener data to artists with Fan Insights portal

Spotify launching free tool called Fan Insights portal to give artists and managers detailed analytics on their listeners. Metrics offered include monthly plays of music, fans, location data, demographic info and fan engagement levels. ……

Rdio owed $220 million to creditors when it filed for bankruptcy 

Music streamer Rdio, which Pandora bought key assets from yesterday, owes about $220 million to creditors. The service made about $1.5 million monthly from subscription revenue, significantly less than its $4 million in monthly operating…

Pandora buys pieces of Rdio to battle rivals Spotify and Apple Music

Rdio may be about to disappear but Pandora's stepping in to grab the best bits. That's right, as Rdio filed for bankruptcy Monday, music streaming service Pandora said it's acquiring parts of Rdio to help it bring on-demand features to its…
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Serial inks deal with Pandora, becomes service's first podcast

You friends and family no longer have an excuse not to listen -- Serial is coming to streaming music giant Pandora and now has access to millions of Americans who don't yet listen to podcasts

Pandora is losing the music streaming war, throws shade at Spotify

The war of the music streaming services is heating up, and Pandora is shaping up to be a big loser once the dust settles. The company announced a disappointing third quarter and has lost active listeners since Apple Music launched.

Pandora proves it’s in it to win it, purchases Ticketfly for $450 million

Internet radio giant Pandora has purchased online ticket retailer Tickeyfly for $450 million, a bold move that could propel them to the forefront of one of the fastest growing sectors in music.

Artists are getting paid more for their music, but is it enough?

The company that gets artists paid each time their music is played says that digital music royalty payouts were at a record high. 0ver $1.013 billion was generated for songwriters, composers, and music publishers.