Pandora released for Google Chromecast, stream music now

Pandora has announced that it's service will be available for use with Google Chromecast starting today. Chromecast users can use their mobile devices to use Pandora on their TVs immediately.

iTunes Radio coming to UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand early 2014, report says

iTunes Radio looks set to beat rival service Pandora into the UK and Canadian markets with a Bloomberg report Monday claiming Apple will launch its streaming radio offering in the two countries early next year.

Hands On: Rdio’s free app offers more control than Pandora or Spotify and is ad-free to boot

We put Rdio's new ad-free personalized radio app to see how it stacks up against the likes of Pandora and Spotify. As it turns out, this late bloomer on the streaming music scene brings it own unique perks.
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I let algorithms tell me what to do for a day, and this is what happened

Ever wanted to let the Internet make all you decisions for you? Well I turned my life over to algorithm-based suggestion apps for one day - and these were the results.

Download iTunes 11.1 beta? You’re missing out on iTunes Radio

If you downloaded iTunes 11.1 beta, which was available online before Wednesday's official release of the new iTunes, you're going to want to update to the final version to get access to the release's hot new feature: iTunes Radio.

Pandora revamps iOS app to beat back iTunes Radio competition

Pandora has launched a new version of its iOS app ahead of the release of iOS 7 and its new competitor, iTunes Radio. Is it enough to keep the streaming radio service from falling behind the pack?

Pandora scraps 40-hour mobile limit ahead of iTunes Radio launch

Pandora said Thursday that "thanks to the rapid progress of its mobile advertising", it can scrap the 40-hour listening limit it imposed six months ago on mobile users of its streaming radio service.

Why is Thom Yorke pulling his music from Spotify? In a word: Royalties

Internet music services claim they're being killed by royalties; artists claim they're barely seeing any royalties at all. How do music royalties work, and who's right?

LISTEN UP: Do you know who’s controlling your car radio?

Despite earlier predictions that the traditional car radio would one day quickly become a thing of the past, Pandora is proving many people wrong and gaining a whole lot more fans in the process.

So just how much money does a musician make from Pandora, anyway? (Spoilers: Not that much)

As Pandora faces calls to increase the amount of royalties it pays to musicians and songwriters, one songwriter has given the debate important context by revealing just how much he made for a quarter from the service - as well as his radio…

Hack Pandora with this arsenal of Chrome extensions

Pandora is a popular and intelligent Internet radio, but it's got a couple of issues . You can work around them through these Google Chrome extensions - and those sweet, sweet tunes will sound even better.

BMI files lawsuit to get Pandora to pay fair licensing fees

Streaming Internet radio provider Pandora may find itself with legally-imposed fees for the music it provides after Broadcast Music Inc. filed a lawsuit asking the court to decide just how much musicians and songwriters should be paid for…