Vevo and Pandora apps pump up the jams on Xbox One

A selection of new media apps just went live on Xbox One, including those for the Pandora music streaming service and the music video channel Vevo.

Can Spotify save the music industry? CEO says the service could help end piracy

In a recent interview with Billboard, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek talks about the future of Spotify, why Taylor Swift has the service all wrong, and how Spotify can bring an industry in decline back from the brink.

New job ad indicates Bose may be secretly working on a music streaming service

Bose is expanding its involvement in music streaming, according to a recent job posting which hints at an upcoming cloud music service.

Grooveshark looks to be “compliant” with record labels with new online radio app

After losing a 2011 copyright infringement lawsuit from Universal Music Group, Grooveshark will debut a commercial-free online radio app for .99 cents in 2015

Twiddle your thumbs: Pandora’s new app let’s you tweak your past tastes

Pandora has released a revamped mobile app to select Pandora users on iOS and Android that brings a streamlined interface, more ways to personalize stations, and easier access to artist information.

For personalized stations, Mad Genius Radio is the scalpel to Pandora’s hatchet

Mad Genius radio aims to shake up the music streaming scene, offering a five point rating scale, a ton of genres to choose from, and unprecedented tools and features that allow you to control your mix better than just about any service on…

What do you want to listen to? Algorithms still can’t tell like humans can

Algorithms can predict everything from the time you’ll leave work to what links you’ll click on, but determining musical taste has proven to be a trickier endeavor. And humans still do it best.

What kind of music does Taco Bell like? Find out with Pandora ‘Promoted Stations’

The leading Internet radio service revealed that it has launched beta testing for "a new advertising solution." Roughly 10 percent of Pandora's 76 million monthly users are now being served native ad units designed to help advertisers drive…

Open Pandora Radio’s box with these 9 tips

Believe it or not, Pandora's Internet radio service revolutionized the way people listen to music well before Spotify and Beats Audio came into the picture. Check out our simple list of the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of…

Canada finally gets Google Play Music rollout

Canadian music fans today gained access to Google Play Music, the search giant's music-streaming service. Canadian listeners, as in the U.S., will have the option of signing up for a free account or shelling out $10 ($8 before July 1) per…

Low subscriber numbers plague Beats Music

The fledgling music-streaming service hasn had a relatively underwhelming first three months, and while its investors appear to still be on board for the long haul, Beats Music has a tough climb ahead to catch up to the competition.

Pandora sued by US music labels over royalties for pre-1972 tracks

Five music labels are suing Pandora, accusing it of failing to pay royalties on music used by its service that was recorded before 1972. The labels describe it as "massive commercial exploitation" while Pandora says it's "confident" in its…