Pandora musicologist wants to prescribe music to ease cancer symptoms

Pandora musicologist Nolan Gasser is testing whether he find the ideal music to ease cancer symptoms such as fatigue, pain, anxiety, and nausea. Taking research from music therapy, he has hopes to both find existing music and make new music…

Pandora buys major data firm to get to know you better

Music streaming service Pandora acquires Next Big Sound to better understand its users' listening habits. The partnership will also make Pandora a more valuable partner for artists and labels.

Songwriters and publishers score a big win in court case against Pandora

California-based online radio service Pandora Media will now have to pay BMI — one of the top two songwriting organizations — over 40 percent more in performance royalties. The case is far from over, though, as Pandora plans to appeal…

With Grooveshark out of the picture, we pit Spotify against Pandora

We pit Spotify and its large library of music against Pandora and the Music Genome Project in a showdown for online music streaming supremacy.

Taylor Swift is right: Music can’t survive if you don’t pay for it

Music has never been a steady path to fortune, but ad-supported streaming services like Pandora and Spotify are making it harder and harder for all but superstar musicians to survive.

Apple Watch to debut with support for Pandora internet radio

Streaming radio service Pandora joins list of apps available for Apple Watch when the much-anticipated smart watch launches April 24. 

Looking to shake things up, Pandora may offer 24 hours of ad-free listening for $1

In a recent earnings call to investors, Pandora CFO Mike Herring mentioned the possibility of offering 'a la carte' options. The likeliest move is an ad-free day pass on Pandora for 99 cents.

Pandora to let artists send audio messages to fans

Hey, Pandora users, your favorite artists are about to start posting audio messages for your listening pleasure, filling you in on the latest news regarding upcoming tours and new releases, or simply to say "hi."

Friend-source your next playlist with Boomio, a music-sharing app

Boomio's music-sharing app aims to make listening to music social again, while helping artists monetize their music and connect with fans.
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Marriott may offer Netflix, Hulu, Pandora access in hotel rooms

Possibly designed to keep you binge watching Netflix while consuming expensive room service food, Marriott is currently testing streaming video access for guests that already subscribe to specific services.

Spotify passes 15 million paid subscribers for the first time, hits 60 million total users

Three years after makin its debut in the U.S., Spotify breaks a subscription record in its quest to 40 million paid subscribers.

Vevo and Pandora apps pump up the jams on Xbox One

A selection of new media apps just went live on Xbox One, including those for the Pandora music streaming service and the music video channel Vevo.