Open Pandora Radio’s box with these 9 tips

Believe it or not, Pandora's Internet radio service revolutionized the way people listen to music well before Spotify and Beats Audio came into the picture. Check out our simple list of the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of…

Canada finally gets Google Play Music rollout

Canadian music fans today gained access to Google Play Music, the search giant's music-streaming service. Canadian listeners, as in the U.S., will have the option of signing up for a free account or shelling out $10 ($8 before July 1) per…

Low subscriber numbers plague Beats Music

The fledgling music-streaming service hasn had a relatively underwhelming first three months, and while its investors appear to still be on board for the long haul, Beats Music has a tough climb ahead to catch up to the competition.

Pandora sued by US music labels over royalties for pre-1972 tracks

Five music labels are suing Pandora, accusing it of failing to pay royalties on music used by its service that was recorded before 1972. The labels describe it as "massive commercial exploitation" while Pandora says it's "confident" in its…

This Wi-Fi router has Spotify streaming built into it

Fon, a company known for hosting a network of free wifi hotspots around the world, is branching out with the Gramofon, a network router that leverages Spotify support to stream music from the cloud to your sound system.

Pandora launches iOS app for the Pebble smartwatch

Definitely useful if you recently picked up the new Pebble Steel, Pandora has launched official support for the smartwatch to allow users to control music from the Pebble interface.

Pandora raises subscription rates, blames rising music roylaties

Definitely worth noting if you have been considering subscribing to the Pandora One premium music service, the music company will be raising rates in the coming months to offset rising royalties.

Music streaming services must evolve to survive, says new report

What does the future hold for Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and the other music subscription apps? According to a new analyst report, these services cannot turn a profit in their current state.
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Beep wireless audio device operates like a Chromecast for speakers

Definitely a cool product for syncing up all the speaker systems in your home, the Beep is a music device that connects to your home's Wi-Fi network and allows users to play stored or streaming music.

Death to the disc! 5 ways for streaming music to reign supreme this year

Music streaming services like Spotify are growing quickly and displacing CDs and MP3s as the default way we engage with music, but they aren't without defects. Here are 5 ways all of these services could greatly improve.

Want to wake up to music on Pandora? Try the new alarm feature

Do you enjoy emerging from a peaceful slumber listening to your favorite tunes in the background? Pandora has rolled out a new alarm feature for anyone that owns an Apple mobile device.

Pandora released for Google Chromecast, stream music now

Pandora has announced that it's service will be available for use with Google Chromecast starting today. Chromecast users can use their mobile devices to use Pandora on their TVs immediately.