BMI files lawsuit to get Pandora to pay fair licensing fees

Streaming Internet radio provider Pandora may find itself with legally-imposed fees for the music it provides after Broadcast Music Inc. filed a lawsuit asking the court to decide just how much musicians and songwriters should be paid for…
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Hands on: The Myspace app is a beautiful, confusing work in progress

Prefer to listen to music on the go? Here's a quick look at what the Myspace iOS app has to offer. While the app is gorgeous and brings in a few social features competitors don't, it might be a little too unfamiliar for those used to…
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The new Myspace leaves beta, with a mobile app to boot

Aside from sporting a brand-new look, MySpace also has a slew of new functions that hope to steal some of your Spotify account's thunder.

Apple nets Big Three music publishers for iRadio, expect announcement Monday

Apple may reveal iRadio as early as Monday with sources reporting that all Big Three music publishers are on board with the new music streaming service.
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Pandora now streaming to game consoles, TVs to follow

Pandora launched a new platform it calls to open up streaming on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles, but with an eventual focus on making the popular music streaming service available on TVs and set top boxes.

Tune in: Ford offers ad-free Pandora, but only until December 31

Giving customers music without ads is a great way to showcase Ford Sync AppLink's ability to meld car with smartphone.
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Hands-on with Piki, a music app powered by people, not algorithms

We got our hands on Piki, a social music player that like its Turntable predecessor that relies on its users to power its music recommendation engine.

iRadio: Apple about to ink deals with major music labels, royalty rates similar to Pandora’s

Apple is reportedly close to inking deals with Universal and Warner for the launch of its music streaming service, possibly to be called iRadio. However, it seems the tech giant had to step back from its demands for ultra-low royalty rates…

Pandora touts 200 million listeners, continues to curb mobile listening

Pandora has reached its 200 millionth user, and that's a big milestone for the company. Despite this accomplishment though, Pandora is still plagued with serious concerns from revenue to licensing

Study: Younger listeners stream as much as listen to radio

The musical landscape continues to evolve, with a new report suggesting that today's young music fans are moving away from physical ownership and traditional radio towards a streaming future.

Hands on: Let Serendip reunite you with the music soul mates you never knew you had

With the help of your friends and other individuals who share your taste in music, you can access a well-rounded playlist on Serendip.

Terms & Conditions: What happens on Pandora does not stay on Pandora

For many die-hard music fans, Pandora Internet Radio remains the cream of the online streaming crop. But a look at the company's terms of service an privacy policy reveal a few key stipulations that every user should know.