Slacker launches new premium music service

The new Premium Radio service from Slacker aims to provide customizable internet radio listening as well as an on-demand music library.


The best free Internet radio services

We take a closer look at the best free Internet radio services, including Pandora, Slacker and, to what each does best - and which is the right fit for you.


Now that’s funny: Pandora gets into comedy

Pandora is now offering individualized comedy stations that serve custom content tailored to listeners' particular funny bones.


Pandora is giving ‘mass quantities’ of your information away

After drawing the attention of the Feds, Pandora's app has also come under the scrutiny of an Internet security firm that claims it shares personal info, including GPS coordinates, birthdays and gender.

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Federal investigators launch criminal probe over mobile app privacy concerns

Music streaming service Pandora, as well as other smartphone app makers, have been targeted into a federal criminal investigation that seeks to find whether some apps illegally collect and transmit private user data to advertisers.


Microsoft Ventura project to bring multimedia discovery

A Microsoft job posting makes its look like the company is considering a move to a cloud-hosted multimedia service currently dubbed "Ventura."


Report: digital music revenue to surge 60 percent, reach $20 billion by 2015

Even though music revenues are projected to rise substantially over the next four years, a new report says that the industry could be doing even better -- if it cracks down on all the free music available on the Internet.


Apple allegedly in talks with record companies over repeat iTunes downloads

A new report indicates that Apple is in talks with the major record companies to negotiate new iTunes functionality that would allow users to download music files an unlimited number of times, to multiple devices.


After long wait, Netflix arrives on the Boxee Box

Following multiple delays, Boxee finally makes good on its promise of Netflix Watch Now access.

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Pandora files for IPO

Pandora files for IPO, and could be worth as much as $1.2 billion.


Silicon gold rush 2.0: The next wave of high-tech IPOs

We take a look at some of the talk surrounding tech companies supposedly mulling an IPO.


Groupon and Pandora to go public in the near future

Groupon could close a deal by this spring, and Pandora as early as the coming weeks.


Pioneer announces in-dash Facebook and Twitter support, GPS iPhone dock, PAIS

At its CES press conference, Pioneer announced a number of social enhancements to its in-dash car stereos, as well as a new iPhone dock.


Wrap-up of Web 2.0 Summit’s opening day

The 2010 Web 2.0 Summit is underway, and here's everything you missed from day one, from RIM's assault on Apple, to Mark Zuckerberg's surprisingly frank thoughts on Google.

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Grace Digital Audio’s tabletop Internet radio sports Pandora controls

Grace Digital Audio's tabletop Wi-Fi Internet Radio featuring Pandora sports dedicated thumbs-up and thumbs-down button for telling Pandora what you like.

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