Radio wars: Can the new Spotify feature challenge Pandora’s legacy?

Spotify's new radio feature will challenge Pandora, but here's a harder look at how the two services stack up.

Spotify launches free, streaming radio in iOS app [Update now available]

Spotify has unveiled its first free mobile radio offering, available in its iOS app. Should Pandora be worried?

Man proposes to girlfriend through Pandora audio advertisement

Likely one of the more unique marriage proposals of 2012, a college graduate popped the question to his girlfriend with the help of Pandora employees.

Is Spotify secretly creating a Pandora radio clone?

Spotify is rumored to be working on a complete Pandora competitor, but does it have the smarts to make its own version of the Music Genome Project?

Will new a royalty deal mean more money for labels and musicians?

A major new agreement between record labels, publishers, and digital music providers sets royalty rates for new digital music services. But will musicians actually benefit?
Web bucks legal gray area with licensing deals from the four major labels's DMCA worries are all in the past now as the company says it's signed deals with all four of the major recording labels.

Microsoft working on new Spotify-like service on Xbox, Windows and smartphones

With the recent growth of Spotify and other similar streaming music services on the Web, Microsoft may be retooling the Zune Music Pass to incorporate similar features across several products.

Membership boost at MySpace could signal trouble for music discovery sites

MySpace has attracted 1 million new members since December, which coupled with its extensive music library and aggressive future plans, could spell trouble for subscription music sites.

Unlimited listening on Spotify will vanish for U.S. early adopters next week

With the six month anniversary of the U.S. launch of Spotify looming just a week away, the ability to stream unlimited music will cease to exist for many users.

Echo Nest: The secret weapon behind the new Spotify Radio

The curtain has been pulled back on the new Spotify Radio. Behind it: Echo Nest, a "music intelligence" engine that uses the power of scientific analysis to pick your next track. But how does it compare to Pandora's human-based Music Genome…
Android Army

Facebook more popular than many Google apps on Android phones

With Android continuing to grow in popularity as an OS for both smartphones and tablets, Facebook's social networking application seems to be one of the top app choices among Android users.

Spotify Radio vs. Pandora: Hands-on showdown

Spotify took direct aim at Pandora Friday, launching an updated version of Spotify Radio. Can Pandora keep up with the fast moving Spotify? Check out our hands-on showdown to find out.