Pentagon redefines status of photojournalists in update to Laws of War Manual

A longstanding controversial stance in the Pentagon's Laws of War manual regarding photojournalists was updated and altered in an update issued by the Pentagon earlier this week.

Pentagon CIO wants staff to upgrade to Windows 10 on their home devices

The Pentagon is updating its 4 million devices to Windows 10 by January of next year with security being the top priority, and the DOD's CIO issuing an advisory to staff to move over to the OS on their personal devices.
Social Media

New report finds terrorists and arms dealers selling through Facebook groups

A new report into arms sales on social media has found that illicit Facebook groups in Syria, Iraq, and Libya are being used by terrorists to sell and purchase weapons. Much of the larger weaponry being resold on the platform originated in…

Department of Defense officially launches ‘Hack the Pentagon’ program

Hack the Pentagon is a new bug bounty program launched by the Pentagon that allows vetted white hat hackers to test the public-facing website of the Department of Defense for bugs and threats.
Cool Tech

The Pentagon is finally developing combat gear that fits the female form

Unisex clothing isn't all that popular among the civilian population, so it's no wonder that women in the armed forces haven't been thrilled by the rather one-dimensional design of combat gear.

Eric Schmidt is helping the Pentagon get better at using and understanding technology

The Pentagon is recruiting Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and current Alphabet executive chairman, to bring more Silicon Valley into the U.S. military. The new board will focus on how the Pentagon can better use new technology to solve…
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The Pentagon looks to laser-equipped UAVs to resurrect its anti-ballistic missile program

After suspending a chemical laser anti-ballistic missile program in 2012, the Pentagon says it now wants to put electric lasers on UAVs to down ballistic missiles. It plans to assess the progression of lasers over the next three years.

Apple, Motorola, and others help the Pentagon develop wearables for soldiers

The Pentagon announced FlexTech Alliance, a partnership that includes groups such as Apple, Harvard University, and many more in an attempt to make flexible wearable technology for soldiers, as well as develop high-tech printing…

Pentagon hit by cyberattack, sources suspect Russian involvement

Pentagon officials revealed Thursday that a "sophisticated" cyberattack of suspected Russian origin was carried out against its unclassified email system at the end of last month, affecting around 4,000 military and civilian employees.

BlackBerry gets major boost from Pentagon, share price surges

BlackBerry received a significant vote of confidence in its mobile platform recently when the Pentagon announced that 80,000 out of 82,000 mobile devices being deployed on one of its new networks will be from the Canadian mobile maker.

Sorry BlackBerry! The Pentagon may start using iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices

The Department of Defense seems poised to approve iOS 6 and Samsung Galaxy devices for official use in the Pentagon. This decision does not bode well for BlackBerry, the longtime source of ultra-secure mobile communication.
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Microsoft promotes Kinect as a tool for the military

Though the Kinect peripheral has found little traction among gamers, Microsoft hopes that it might be used to help train our troops and provide physical therapy to the wounded.