Apple, Motorola, and others help the Pentagon develop wearables for soldiers

The Pentagon announced FlexTech Alliance, a partnership that includes groups such as Apple, Harvard University, and many more in an attempt to make flexible wearable technology for soldiers, as well as develop high-tech printing…

Pentagon hit by cyberattack, sources suspect Russian involvement

Pentagon officials revealed Thursday that a "sophisticated" cyberattack of suspected Russian origin was carried out against its unclassified email system at the end of last month, affecting around 4,000 military and civilian employees.

BlackBerry gets major boost from Pentagon, share price surges

BlackBerry received a significant vote of confidence in its mobile platform recently when the Pentagon announced that 80,000 out of 82,000 mobile devices being deployed on one of its new networks will be from the Canadian mobile maker.

Sorry BlackBerry! The Pentagon may start using iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices

The Department of Defense seems poised to approve iOS 6 and Samsung Galaxy devices for official use in the Pentagon. This decision does not bode well for BlackBerry, the longtime source of ultra-secure mobile communication.
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Microsoft promotes Kinect as a tool for the military

Though the Kinect peripheral has found little traction among gamers, Microsoft hopes that it might be used to help train our troops and provide physical therapy to the wounded.

Evidently, the Pentagon has a porn problem

A recent memo sent to the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency reveals that its staff members are accessing pornographic material at work, putting its data at security risk.

New Sykipot variant targets Pentagon smart cards

The stakes are going up in cybersecurity: AlienVault says a new Sykipot variant targets smart cards used by the Department of Defense and the defense industry.
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Falcon HTV-2, the ‘fastest plane ever,’ lost during test flight

On 20 minutes into its maiden voyage, the US Military's Falcon HTV-2, which is capable of traveling more than 3 miles per second, has gone completely missing.
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US to test fastest aircraft ever, moves at 13,000mph

An aircraft scheduled to be tested by the Pentagon on Thursday is capable of reaching speeds of up to 13,000mph, or 3.6 miles a second.

US gov’t building hacker army for cyber war

As the global cyber war heats up to unprecedented levels, the US goverment's national security complex is attempting to build up an army of "cyber warriors" to help fend off enemies. But will hackers take a job with The Man?

Pentagon: 24,000 military files stolen in cyberattack

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that a cyberattack which took place in March resulted in 24,000 military files being stolen.

China ‘systematically attacking’ US computer systems, says Richard Clarke

National security expert Richard Clarke says the Chinese government regularly launches sophisticated cyberattacks on the computer systems of the US government. And Congress and President Obama need to do more to stop it, he says.