Establish ownership of your photos by creating a simple visible watermark

People download and use images from the web every day. If you want to protect your photos, however, consider adding a watermark as a form of copyright protection. Here's are a few quick and easy ways to do so.

Nike's Air Jordan XIII was designed using a Macintosh computer, Photoshop in 1996

Tinker Hatfield, Nike's vice president of creative concepts, explained how the Air Jordan XIII became the first Nike sneaker to be designed on a computer. Early versions of Photoshop and Illustrator were used in the design process.

Chinese photo-editing app Meitu faces privacy concerns over data collection

Meet Meitu, the Chinese app taking the world by storm with its instant beautifying effects that turn you into whomever you want to be -- in your photographs, that is. Meitu is now facing a host of privacy concerns over data collection.

Adobe experiments with the possibility of 3D face rotations — on a 2D image

What if you could rotate a 2D portrait in 3D? That's the idea Adobe Research is working on in the latest in a series of teasers. The third teaser comes after a Siri-like voice assistant for Photoshop and a 3D version of Photoshop.

Edit photos with precision and remove backgrounds with new iOS app Exacto

For over a decade, Photoshop's pen selection tool has been the best solution to cutting out subject matter within images. Now, you can use this functionality on the go with a new iOS app called Exacto.

Photo editing apps you can get for free

Unleash your inner graphic designer with these free and effective downloadable photo-editing apps without Photoshop's sky-high price. Plus, we highlight a few web-based alternatives.

New plug-in allows teams to collaborate on Photoshop files with a simple sync

Inspect by Invision aims to streamline the hand-off between designers and developers by quickly syncing all the file's design data, from font to colors. The new Photoshop plug-in is part of a suite of collaboration tools.

Adobe updates Photoshop to use MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, with customization aplenty

Although there are still a few of us scratching our heads at the point of the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, that hasn't stopped Adobe improving its functionality with an official update to Photoshop, which adds commands and customization.

Luminar is a Photoshop alternative designed specifically for Mac users

Macphun has unveiled its first all-in-one photo editing application, Luminar. If features native RAW support and more than 300 tools for editing your photos in a simple and creative interface.

Adobe to release Photoshop update with MacBook Pro Touch Bar support

Shortly after Apple introduced its brand new Touch Bar on its new MacBook Pros, Adobe showed off an updated version of Photoshop that makes use of Apple's new contextual tool bar. The update is due out by the end of the year.

Tutorial explains how to keep clean edges when sharpening images in Photoshop

Photographer and Photoshop guru Jimmy McIntyre shows how you should properly be sharpening an image in Photoshop so that you're not left with unwanted artifacts at the edges of the contrasting values in your photographs.

Adobe's Photoshop Mystery 2016 will put your Photoshop skills to the test

Adobe's annual Photoshop Mystery is back, and it's bigger and more complex than ever. Details remain scarce, but we know participants can expect 21 scenes, 330,000 lines of Action Script code, and two Facebook Live events.