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Take a picture, and Pinterest will generate recommended pins for you

Finding pins of things that inspire you in real life will soon be easier than ever with a new suite of Pinterest visual tools powered by AI. The new tools generate suggested pins based on other photos or even your camera.
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Pinterest is now using artificial intelligence to help you discover more pins

Pinterest is overhauling its related pins feature using artificial intelligence. With approximately 75 billion pins on its platform, curation is a critical part of the service Pinterest offers its 150 million users.
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Pinterest learns that diversity goals are easier set than done

Nothing worthwhile ever came easily. The tech industry is certainly discovering this to be true when it comes to diversity. Pinterest serves as a prime example, and the company recently announced its 2016 progress on diversifying its team.
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No looking back: Pinterest’s top 100 trends will keep you ahead of the pack

Pinterest has scanned through the 75 billion pins on its platform to bring you its third annual top 100 trends. The list spans categories such as fashion, food, travel, and personal interests, among others.

What is Pinterest’s most popular Christmas cookie recipe? Finding one wasn’t easy

Pinterest doesn't let you filter pins by popularity, so we used Pinontop to try and find the most popular Christmas cookie on the site. It wasn't as easy as it sounds, but it did give us some great recipes.
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Pinterest’s new look business profiles boast bold slideshow design

Pinterest is launching a bold new design for business profiles with an emphasis on buyable pins. The changes offer more personalization and will be consistent across the web, and the company's iOS and Android apps.
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Pinterest Explore showcases trending ideas and videos from top publishers

Pinterest is taking on Instagram with the launch of its very own Explore tab. The new section harnesses the power of machine learning to bring you trending ideas, topics, and auto-playing videos from the platform's top publishers…
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Pinterest launches new feedback tools to help you find highly recommended pins

Pinterest is launching a bunch of features to help its community of users recommend, discover, and leave comments and feedback on Pins. Chief among the new tools is a checkmark option, and an "About This Pin" tab.

Pinterest’s Instapaper Premium read-it-later app is now free to use

Having acquired read-it-later platform Instapaper in August, Pinterest is now scrapping the premium version of its app — which previously cost $3 per month — and making its exclusive features free for regular Instapaper users.
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Pinterest hits 150M monthly users milestone as more men sign up to platform

A substantial increase in male signups has helped Pinterest to reach 150 million monthly active users, 70 million of which are based in the U.S., making it more popular in its domestic market than its rival Twitter.
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Pinterest taps former Twitter exec as first CFO amid IPO talk

Pinterest is fueling speculation over a possible IPO after appointing its first chief financial officer. Todd Morgenfeld -- whose previous position was VP of finance at Twitter -- has nabbed the role, the company announced on Tuesday.
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Pinterest puts former Google exec in charge of ranking its 75 billion Pins

Pinterest has hired former Google Image Search head Li Fan to lead its engineering team. Li will oversee some of the company's biggest projects, including its visual search tool, and object detection technology.