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How to use Pinterest like a Pro

The iconic cork boards of yesterday aren't gone — they've just evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century. Check out our guide on how to use Pinterest for a in-depth look on how to create your own board, pin popular content, and follow…
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10 easy ways to become Pinterest famous

Despite popular belief, acquiring followers on popular social media sites is a feat not easily accomplished. Step your Pinterest game up with our easy walkthrough of the 10 best ways to increase the exposure of your boards, along with your…

Pinterest brings Guided Search to desktop to help you navigate its 30 billion Pins

Pinterest's Guided Search feature landed on mobile back in April. Now it's about to come to the Web version of the social networking site, offering users a more engaging way of navigating its 30 billion Pins.

Pinterest launches Guided Search to send you on a journey of discovery

Pinterest is trying to take search in a new direction with the launch of a new feature for mobile. Guided Search is a visual-based offering designed to make looking for stuff more fun, with the chance that you might end up somewhere you…

Thanks to a hack, Pinterest was flooded with butt pics today

If you’re curious if that’s an every day thing, the answer is, it’s not. Multiple Pinterest accounts were hacked, replacing people’s collections of wedding gown and cupcake photos with butt pics and weight loss ads.
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Pinterest Pins worth more than Facebook Likes for retailers

Analytics firm 8thBridge has crunched the numbers and found that online retailers prefer Pinterest Pins to Facebook Likes, and that the world's biggest social network may be proving less effective for brands.
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How to get the most out of Pinterest for your small business

Pinterest is famous for capturing the hearts of 18-year-old women everywhere, but it can actually be used to promote a small business. Here's our guide to using Pinterest for marketing purposes.
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Ultravisual: an Instagram competitor with beauty on its side

Ultravisual is a new social media-sharing app that stands out from other Instagram competitors because of one very simple thing: it's damn good-looking.
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Pinterest’s new Place Pins feature helps you plan that dream vacation

Want to travel, but never seem to be able to make it a reality. Check out Pinterest's new Place Pins feature, which lets you plan out your dream vacation with maps, photos, and collaboration with friends.
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WTF, Internet? I went Christmas shopping on Pinterest and this is the crap I found

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Pinterest, which you'd think would be a great place to get some holiday shopping inspiration ... but it's not and will leave you feeling dirty and depressed.
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She’s a Homewrecker is the latest slut-shaming site and it’s particularly despicable

She's a Homewrecker is a shameful slut-shaming website that forgets two people are involved in cheating and dangerously doxxes one half of the guilty parties.
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The very simple reasons Twitter just totally messed with your feed

If there was any wondering why Twitter is pushing photos - and pushing them hard - ease your mind, because it's all pretty obvious: Ads and brands. As Instagram continues to be the go-to for marketers' visual social campaigns, Twitter hops…