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Don't look now, but Pinterest will be rolling out video ads soon

Like Facebook and YouTube before it, the online bulletin board Pinterest will soon begin featuring video advertisements. The new ads are expected to be rolling out within the week in both the U.S. and U.K.
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Pinterest to integrate video into its visual search tools

Pinterest is building a native video player and updating its visual search tools to work on videos, making it easier than ever to find and watch clips on the service. The updates will be launched in the coming months.
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Pinterest acquires the startup behind Highlight, Shorts, and Roll apps

Pinterest has acquired Math Camp, a startup known for a trio of social discovery, and photography apps including Highlight, Shorts, and Roll. Math Camp's team will be integrated into Pinterest's engineering, product, and design departments.
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Pinterest makes it easier for you to buy what you see

Ever wondered where you can buy an article of clothing worn by a stranger on the street, or a piece of furniture in an acquaintance's home? Just snap a picture, and Pinterest's new visual search shopping feature will track it down for you.
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Pinterest acquires shopping app Tote to bring you more buyable fashion items

Pinterest has acquired shopping app Tote in order to integrate its team into its own workforce. The move could bring more buyable fashion Pins to Pinterest as it looks to further monetize its service.
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Pinterest just bought smart keyboard company Fleksy

Pinterest, in what may be an effort to improve the search and recommendations on its site, has acquired Fleksy, a smart keyboard company. Financial terms of the deal weren't revealed, however, we do know that Pinterest didn't acquire…
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Pinterest now offers ad-targeting tools to boost business accounts

Pinterest just added three tools -- similar to what Facebook and Twitter already offer -- to enhance marketing and advertising for business profiles, including "customer list targeting” aimed at existing customers.
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Interactive Pinterest pins let shoppers in Brazil bring offline items online

Pinterest is testing real-life Pins in Brazil that let shoppers save physical items to their virtual boards on the platform. Pinterest describes the campaign as "one of the greatest examples of in-store and online integration.”
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Pinterest has just replaced one of its defining features

Pinterest has renamed its defining "Pin It" button in order to make its platform more accessible to international users. Alongside the name change, the platform has also modified pins to make it easier for users to discover more things they…
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Pinterest just dropped a revamped iOS app that will load 3x faster than before

Pinterest has completely revamped its iOS app. The new app not only features a sleek and stylish new design, but, perhaps more importantly, it has been totally rebuilt under-the-hood to now load a whopping three times faster.
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Pinterest launches interactive How-to Pins to boost engagement

Pinterest has launched a dynamic How-to Pin that allows brands to create step-by-step instructions within their posts, meaning all the information you need for your next project will now be available on the platform.

Save images to collections on your desktop in Google search

Google's new feature for its image search lets you bookmark images so you can revisit them later. The feature was previously only available on mobile, but it's now supported on desktop.