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To grow e-commerce further, Pinterest makes ‘buyable’ pins available to bigger retailers

Pinterest is at the forefront of combining social media with e-commerce, as evidenced by its new move. It'll start allowing bigger retailers to use its new buyable pin to push for more e-commerce on its site.
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The art of communication in the 21st century — it’s not your grandma’s scene

According to a recent Pew Research study regarding mobile messaging and social media in 2015, both Instagram and Pinterest have seen their user base numbers double in the last three years.

Tempted by that pin? Pinterest adds a Buy button, and it works with Apple Pay

Buy buttons seem to be springing up all over the place these days. The latest online outfit to join the club is Pinterest, which on Tuesday announced the imminent rollout of its own such feature in an effort to attract more brands…
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Pinterest implements ‘visual search’ tech to intelligently locate similar images

Pinterest is debuting a new feature called visual search that allows similar images to be discovered and displayed. This could have positive implications for its users and its own bottom line.

Google+ takes on Pinterest with Collections, a new sharing feature

What's next for Google+? And is anyone still using it? The social network seems to have a brand-new feature called Collections, which is reminiscent of Pinterest. Collections began rolling out recently.
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Pinterest makes a push into ecommerce with “Buy” button

Utilizing the massive quantity of visual content generated by 70 million users, Pinterest is working on launching a purchasing function that would allows users to buy items that have been pinned on the site.
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Pinterest presents search results based on your gender to attract more men

If you're a guy who's tired of sifting through irrelevant pictures on Pinterest, help has arrived — the site now lets you filter content for men and women through its Guided Search.
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Pinterest adds the ability to chat privately about a specific pin

Definitely a useful feature to open a discussion about a specific photo, Pinterest has launched a new feature called Conversations that provides a direct messaging service between active users.

PayPal, Google Maps and Pinterest among the first Android Wear-ready apps

With the Android Wear SDK now available, app developers are busy updating their software to support the new smartwatches, and new versions of PayPal, Pinterest and Google Maps have already arrived.
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How to use Pinterest like a Pro

The iconic cork boards of yesterday aren't gone — they've just evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century. Check out our guide on how to use Pinterest for a in-depth look on how to create your own board, pin popular content, and follow…
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10 easy ways to become Pinterest famous

Despite popular belief, acquiring followers on popular social media sites is a feat not easily accomplished. Step your Pinterest game up with our easy walkthrough of the 10 best ways to increase the exposure of your boards, along with your…

Pinterest brings Guided Search to desktop to help you navigate its 30 billion Pins

Pinterest's Guided Search feature landed on mobile back in April. Now it's about to come to the Web version of the social networking site, offering users a more engaging way of navigating its 30 billion Pins.