Spotify does actually reduce piracy, claims the European Commission

According to a new study conducted by the European Commission, the availability of free music made possible by services like Spotify has indeed curtailed piracy in recent years, but it's not helping the music industry make money.

Most popular Popcorn Time fork goes offline, wants to become a legal service

Popcorn Time's most popular fork has gone offline, shutting down its Web page accounts and shutting down the torrenting app. It follows internal turmoil as several developers left the open source platform.

Even physical copies of Fallout 4 for PC will require Steam installation

If you're one of those who wants to sidestep DRM as a means of sticking it to the man, Fallout 4 on PC apparently won't lend that opportunity, as even physical copies will require a Steam installation and launch day patch.
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UK Cinema staff will go full 007 to combat piracy during Bond release

Cinema staff in the UK will wear full military-grade night vision goggles, employ beefed up security measures, in order to combat the internet piracy of the latest James Bond film.
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Jurassic World didn’t break every record: Mad Max: Fury Road is the most pirated film of 2015

This summer had the second highest-grossing summer box office ever, but movie piracy was still up over 2014. “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which made $374 million at the box office worldwide, was the most pirated film with 22.9 million shares…

Popcorn Time says Hollywood is far too greedy

Internet users are turning to illegal means for their movie and television fixes because the authorized alternatives are hampered by restrictions and high prices, say some of the Popcorn Time team.
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Netflix’s high-definition DRM cracked for the first time

It's reported that torrenters now have access to a 4K Breaking Bad episode, coming in at close to 18GB, after pirates were able to overcome the latest Netflix copy protection technology.

MPAA emails expose anti-Google attack plan using Today Show, Wall Street Journal

Detailing an unnerving plot to manipulate major media outlets on a national scale, recently filed court documents shed light on MPAA's plan to negatively smear Google using outlets like the Today Show and WSJ.

Malwarebytes gives pirates a pass as it moves to new licensing system

As it moves its entire system over to a new licensing platform, Malwarebytes wants to bring everyone with it - paying customers and the pirates. It's giving everyone who wants one a free license for its new business model.
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There’s now a Popcorn Time for porn

There's now a Popcorn Time for pornography. Porn Time is based on Popcorn Time's peer-to-peer code and works very similar to the torrent app but exclusively for accessing pirated adult content.

Microsoft to offer an ‘attractive’ Windows 10 upgrade to ‘non-genuine’ users

In an update posted to the Windows blog on May 15, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson wrote that the company will be releasing a “very attractive” Windows 10 upgrade offer to those running older devices in a “non-genuine” state.

Microsoft is tackling a Windows 7 pirate (with help from logged IPs)

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit in a Washington court against a Verizon IP address alleged to be behind pirating Windows 7 software for commercial gain at a significant scale.