RIM loses another exec, reportedly starts layoffs

Research in Motion has lost its digital marketing officer to Samsung, and reports have the company already handing out layoff notices.

Poor RIM: Earnings fall short, 4G BlackBerry PlayBook delayed

Feeling the heat from iPhone and Android, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

RIM taking PlayBook tablet to 16 international markets

RIM is launching its PlayBook tablet in 16 new markets in the next month, including the UK, Australia, France, Germany, and India.

PlayBook OS update unveiled by RIM, includes enhanced Facebook integration

Research In Motion has unveiled an update to the PlayBook OS that includes a range of new features such as enhanced Facebook integration.

RIM claims shareholder suit without merit

Research in Motion is facing pressure from more than iOS and Android: now a shareholder is suing, claiming RIM lied about its financial status.

RIM to use cars to shift PlayBook sales up a gear

RIM is hoping to push sales of the PlayBook by integrating the tablet and its software into the driving experience.

RIM issues recall on nearly 1,000 faulty BlackBerry PlayBooks

Research In Motion issues a recall order on a Staples stock of 935 BlackBerry PlayBook serial numbers due to unspecified faulty hardware concerns.
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BlackBerry PlayBook news: Sprint delays, 10-inch tablet coming, video of Android apps

A lot of BlackBerry PlayBook news has been circulating. We've got news of a possible 10-inch version of the tablet, a new video showing the Android emulator, and another delay on Sprint.

RIM cuts profit forecast

Canada's Research in Motion is seeing its stock take a beating as it cuts its profit forecasts and analysts question its ability to stay in the smartphone game.

Motorola posts first quarter numbers: Shipped 250,000 Xoom tablets

While Motorola shipped more than some expected, the Xoom's first quarter numbers prove it didn't live up to the hype.

Hulu cuts off PlayBook access

Kiss Hulu goodbye, PlayBook users. The streaming service has cut off the tablet to push its subscription model.

Verizon may not sell RIM’s PlayBook

Verizon has said that it has not yet decided whether to distribute RIM's new PlayBook tablet.