Playstation 3

Jetsetter: A new Ratchet & Clanks means new bushy eyebrows

This week in Jetsetter, we look at what kind of awesomeness people can expect from the Japanese version of the last Ratchet & Clank game on PlayStation 3. Meanwhile, bad news for Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive, and disappointing…

Netflix gamifies content recommendations on the PS3 with “Max”

Looking for a new way to encourage more Netflix Instant users to use ratings tools, Netflix is launching a voice assistant called Max on the PlayStation 3 which is tied into a batch of mini-games.

Whether you’re on PS3/Vita or PC, ‘Hotline Miami’ delivers outstanding puzzle/action play

'Hotline Miami' comes to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in almost exactly the same form that it did last year on PC. This is great news for fans of excellent games, thanks to Dennaton Games' near-perfect execution on their action/puzzle concept.

So ‘Diablo III’ apparently drove our writer insane

Blizzard shocked the world when it showed up at Sony's February PlayStation reveal event with Diablo 3, and now we've seen and been sold by the reality of a console version of the game.

‘Diablo 3’ confirmed for September release on Xbox 360 and PS3

Blizzard's console version of Diablo 3 will appear on Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The console version of the game was previously announced only for the PlayStation consoles.

The ‘Console War’ is so last decade: How everyone wins with Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Microsoft and Sony roll out different messaging in the next generation gaming console announcements only to meet in the middle with the industry's most balanced gaming hardware showdown in years.

‘Gran Turismo 6’ officially confirmed, coming to PlayStation 3 this fall

A blank product page on the official Gran Turismo website suggests that Sony could be preparing to unveil 'Gran Turismo 6.' Previous clues hinted that the racing simulator could release on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, as well as the…

Sony adding Indie Games category in the PlayStation Store

Sony continues to support indie development on its PlayStation platforms, with a new Indie Games category in the PlayStation Store. To celebrate, a few games within the new category are on sale for a limited time.

Sony doubles its profit forecast after last year’s record losses

Kax Hirai started his tenure as Sony CEO after the company recorded a record breaking annual loss of $5.7 billion. Now it expects better than planned profits for fiscal 2013. The question remains, though, if its television and PlayStation…

‘Guacamelee!’ review: Drinkbox Studios’ adventure is one gorgeous bruiser

Drinbox Studios was the secret star of the PS Vita launch in 2012 thanks to its game Mutant Blobs Attack. Now the studio is back on Sony's machines with Guacamaelee!, a grand luchador quest to save the lands of the living and the dead built…

The Puppeteer for PS3 paints a portrait of how Sony will sell games on PlayStation 4 and beyond

The Puppeteer, one of two PlayStation 3 games due from Sony Japan this year, will be out on September 10th and cost players $40 for some stylized platforming. The release may also be a sign of how Sony will approach pricing discs and…

GDC 2013: Sony puts its money where its mouth is on the indie developer-centric future of the PS4

Sony is increasingly emphasizing its future with independent developers. At GDC 2013, Sony talked about lending a helping hand to indie developers working on the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.