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Limbo hit Xbox Live Arcade before PlayStation Network because Sony wanted to keep IP

Why will OUYA succeed? Because console makers now place too many demands on developers as evidenced by Playdead's history trying to get Limbo on the PlayStation Network.

Capcom confirms JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD remake

Capcom has decided to revive one of its least known 2D fighters with a full suite of modern accoutrements.

Jetsetter: Amazon Germany prices Wii U above $500 while the PlayStation Network gets bad news in Korea, good news in the UK

In Jetsetter for the week ending Jun. 22, Germany prices the Wii U at €399.99, Korea forces Sony to take the PlayStation Network offline, and the BBC gives the PSN a boost in the UK.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown review

Though it's not perfect, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is easily the best version of Sega's premier fighting franchise to date.

Sony patents method for PlayStation in-game advertising that stops games to show you a commercial

Nintendo interrupts its games with messages telling you to take a break outside, but Sony may start interrupting games to tell you to buy stuff.

Journey review

For those that don’t have much faith in digitally distributed games, Journey is here to set them straight.

PlayStation Network to fold into Sony Entertainment Network this Tuesday

Sony reveals plans to discontinue the PlayStation Network brand name as of Tuesday, February 7, with all PSN accounts being converted into Sony Entertainment Network accounts.

Does the new 3G/WiFi PS Vita bundle make 3G worth it?

Weeks away from the PS Vita launch, Playstation wants to entice consumers over to the 3G side with a new bundle that includes a memory card. Does this bundle make 3G worth the effort of pre-ordering?

Nintendo gets with the times, announces Nintendo Network, DLC, and NFC for Wii U

Today, Nintendo announced that the Wii U will definitely launch in 2012 and have a more robust online network with logins (Nintendo Network) that operates more like Xbox Live. NFC support and full downloadable games are also planned. We…

Tetris and Call of Duty top 2011’s best-selling Playstation Network downloads

Sony releases list of top sellers on PlayStation Network for past year, from full games to downloadable content.

Saints Row: The Third “GenkiBowl VII” DLC review

Volition releases new DLC content for its mega-fun and over the top Saints Row: The Third, offering new modes, weapons, and vehicles that--while fun--walk a little too closely to content already available.

Sony slapped with class-action suit over no-sue clause

A new class-action lawsuit filed last month cries unfair business practices over the Sony PSN no-sue clause in the new TOS.