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Still looking for PSP games? Here are our top 10 picks!

Is your television just too big, and your smartphone screen too small? If the touch-screen controls of a tablet won't scratch that gaming itch, grab your PlayStation Portable and take a look at some of our favorite games for the aging…

Sony shutting down PSP's digital storefront in 2016

Sony is ending support for the PlayStation Portable's digital storefront in Japan next year, rendering the PlayStation Store permanently inaccessible via the company's legacy portable console.

Sony abandons PlayStation Vita UMD Passport plan in North America

With the launch of the PlayStation Vita coming up in the next two weeks, Sony has a disappointing announcement for PSP owners planning to upgrade to the Vita.

Sony launches more restrictive DRM for the PlayStation Network

While PlayStation 3 owners are likely spending time engrossed in the latest PS3 releases like Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Sony is applying stricter DRM on purchases made on the PlayStation Network.

Nearly two thirds of PS3 owners plan on purchasing the Vita

While North American consumers have to wait for the PlayStation Vita until early 2012, Sony is predicting that a large portion of PlayStation 3 owners will snap up the device quickly.

Sony solicits suggestions for PlayStation Vita peripherals from fans

Sony polls the fan community on what PlayStation Vita peripherals they would like to see, with the clear front runner being some kind of external UMD drive.

Microsoft wary of dedicated mobile gaming platforms, COO says

Microsoft COO Dennis Durkin doesn't see the company following Nintendo's and Sony's respective leads in the portable gaming space with a dedicated handheld game device of its own.

NGP will be backwards-compatible with PSP games, adds dual analog support

Sony's upcoming NGP handheld gaming device will be backwards compatible with digital downloads of PSP games, adding dual analog support and graphics smoothing.

PSP Remaster series upgrades portable titles for PS3, game progress syncs across devices

PSP Remaster series to kick off in Japan with Monster Hunter Portable 3D HD Ver., offering cross-platform compatible game saves, upgraded visuals and the possible addition of new features like 3D support.

Sony downtime continues, company shooting for full return by May 31

A Sony spokesperson reveals that the company is looking at a May 31 deadline for a full restoration of PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services as their third weekend offline comes to a close.

PSP Go not entirely dead after all, production continues in U.S.

Sony Computer Entertainment America confirms that production and distribution of the PSP Go will continue in North America, despite an earlier statement from the company that the product was being discontinued.

Sony confirms the death of the PSP Go, NGP now the focus

Sony officially confirms that the PSP Go has been discontinued as efforts are shifted to ongoing NGP development.