Polaroid unveils new 3- by 4-inch digital instant Polaroid Pop camera

Polaroid is bringing back its iconic 3- by 4-inch print size via an all new digital instant camera called the Polaroid Pop. In addition to on-demand prints, the camera captures 20MP digital images for sharing with friends and family.
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Polaroid launches new 3D printers and modeling pens at CES 2017

Polaroid, the company that many of you still associate with instant photography, has announced several new products at CES 2017 with a very different focus -- 3D printing and modeling.

After refurbishing 10,000 Polaroids, Mint celebrates with sleek new SLR670-S

The company that brings new life into old cameras is celebrating 10,000 SLR670 sales with a special edition option with gold trim and expanded auto modes. The re-imagined Polaroid now has expanded film options for both auto or manual…

Polaroid wants to teach you to take better shots with your iPhone

Polaroid is working on a new kind of instant with a new app to teach iPhone users how to take better photos with their smartphone. Polaroid University currently has over 40 video lessons taught by professional photographers.

Polaroid launches an app-based photo printing service to get real Polaroid prints from your iPhone

Polaroid's latest official app turns iPhone shots into actual white-framed polaroids. The new app includes options from traditional prints to canvas -- but the service has so far only launched in the U.K.

Polaroid wants the Force to be with you with the weirdly wonderful Brightsaber

Polaroid's Brightsaber may not defend you in a duel, but the device could be a versatile tool for lighting your photographs. The new light comes in a basic version as well as a pro option with a remote shutter release.

The Polaroid Snap Touch mixes nostalgic fun with digital-camera essentials

Polaroid announces the Polaroid Snap Touch -- a digital/instant film hybrid camera that offers many modern digital camera features while still producing nostalgia-inducing instant pictures.

Blast from the past: A look inside Polaroid’s SX-70 instant film camera

This 11-minute promotional video for Polaroid's SX-70 instant film camera, created by Charles and Ray Eames, shows the intricate details of the iconic camera and how it's supposed to be used in a range of situations.

New Polaroid photo app transforms your images into moving moments

Polaroid is taking a swing at social networking with a new photography app that lets your create and share moving images akin to Apple Live Photos. The app is available to download on iOS right now.

Farewell to a photography giant: Studio to stop producing huge Polaroid 20×24 film

Polaroid's 20x24 film is on its way out. Kept alive over the last decade solely by 20x24 Studio in New York, production of the the celebrated large-format instant film will stop by the end of 2017.

Polaroid targets party crowd with shot glass mount for its action cam

Polaroid is taking action cams where no action cam has gone easily before. The latest accessory for its cube-shaped action cams is none other than a shot glass mount.

Mint brings classic instant cameras to the future with modern updates

Mint is breathing new life into old instant cameras with an add-on accessory that puts manual control for modified Polaroid SX-70, and a brighter viewfinder for its twin-lens-reflex camera.