Make your own DIY Polaroid camera with a Rasberry Pi and a receipt printer

This clever instant camera is made from a Raspberry Pi computer and a thermal printer, stuffed inside a cardboard box. Adafruit provides instructions on how you can make one at home.

The I-1 is a Polaroid-style camera for the digital age, and it’s on sale now

The Impossible Project – the outfit that's shown more love to instant photography than any other firm ever (bar Polaroid, perhaps) – has launched its first-ever instant camera, designed for the digital age.

The new I-1 camera brings back classic instant ‘Polaroid’ photo printing

If you're looking for a fun instant camera but aren't quite ready to wrench yourself away from digital tech, then how about the stylish I-1 device, a soon-to-launch Polaroid-type camera that you control via an iPhone app.

New Polaroid-branded camera accessories add stabilization, underwater protection

Polaroid has three branded accessories for enhancing your cameras. There is a 3-axis electronic stabilizer for action cameras, a handgrip with battery pack, and underwater housing cases.

Shoot smooth panoramic videos with Polaroid’s Eyeball Head gadget

Polaroid has a handy gadget for shooting smooth 360-degree panoramic photos and videos. The Eyeball Head works with most compact cameras and camcorders, and is controlled via a remote.

Polaroid Cube Plus – Video Review

Dusting off its instant film photography roots, Polaroid is improving its line of go-anywhere Cube action cameras. Its latest, the Cube+, offers solid performance and versatility thanks to its magnetic case.

Polaroid accuses GoPro of copying its Cube camera design

GoPro's Hero4 Session camera certainly looks similar to Polaroid's Cube, and Polaroid's not happy about it, accusing its competitor of infringing a design patent. GoPro, however, says the design was on the drawing board long before the…

Polaroid’s Cube action camera gets more mobile with Wi-Fi, smartphone app

Polaroid has made its fun and tiny action cam, the Cube, a bit more mobile, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi. The new Cube+ works with a companion app for iOS or Android.

Watch 100 years of the camera’s evolution in less than 10 seconds

The modern camera has evolved numerous times in the past 100 years, from analog to digital. To trace its design evolution, eBay Deals created animations of cameras from the most popular brand.
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Prynt’s instant photo and augmented reality wonder now on Kickstarter

A startup called Prynt wants to inject a little more shareable fun into things with a smartphone case that prints photos in about 30 seconds. It also has the ability to instantly turn physical photos into videos.