Introducing Socialmatic, the Polaroid camera that connects to Instagram

Socialmatic, a camera from Polaroid that lets you take Polaroid pictures and post to Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, will debut in fall 2014. Polaroid announced details about the camera at CES.

Microsoft scores $400M deal with NFL, coaches to use Surface tablets during games

Microsoft will be supplying Surface tablets to NFL coaches and players so they can review e-playbooks and watch instant replays rather than look at paper-based signs and Polaroids during games.

Hands on: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 will remind you to use film sparingly

Those who are still in love with the idea of a physical, instant photo will adore the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8... but it's a love that comes with a hefty price tag. Here's our hands on.

Back to the future, Socialmatic digital instant camera to be branded Polaroid

The Instamatic Socialmatic camera, which marries digital Instagram-style photography with instant film gratification, will debut in 2014 as a Polaroid cam. And, no shaking is necessary, please.

When Kinko’s and Apple’s Genius Bar collide, you get Polaroid’s Fotobars

Done with photo DIY? Check out our hands-on with the new Polaroid Fotobar, a retail experience that injects a little real-life into saving, editing, and printing your photos.

Polaroid makes some noise with feature-rich, affordable cameras

The company, known more for their instant film heritage, stakes a claim on the digital front with a new mirrorless, Android-based interchangeable lens cam.
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Polaroid joins the budget Android tablet gang with its new M Series slates

Polaroid has announced a pair of Android tablets at CES 2013. The M7 and M10 have a 7-inch and a 10-inch screen respectively and considering their specifications, are very reasonably priced.

This will shut them up: Polaroid’s Internet Kids Tablet

Polaroid is branching out into mobile device technology with their first release, a 7-inch tablet for kids.

It’s retro: Polaroid prepares Fotobar store for printing photos from smartphones

Sick of just being a name associated with old, out-of-date means of photography, Polaroid may have found a way back into the fray. A plan to open retail stores where consumers can edit and print out photos from their smartphones and online…
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Leaked: Polaroid prepping mirrorless Android camera

Information about an upcoming mirrorless camera from Polaroid that runs on Android was leaked through a Russian social networking site. Here's the scoop.

DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Polaroid XS20 HD Action Camera

Comment for a chance to win your own Polaroid XS20 HD Action Camera during Digital Trend's 'Better Than Socks' Holiday Giveaway.

Economics, not digital, is what’s killing off analog film

We always knew digital photography would overtake film, but it's economics and chemistry that are burying it.