Portal 2

Portal 2 DLC available next week for free

Valve has announced that new co-op and single player content will be available to download for all systems on October 4.

GLaDOS and Valve help a man propose to girlfriend via Portal 2

To propose to his girlfriend Stephy, Gary Hudston enlisted the help of modders, as well as developer Valve, to create a mod of Portal 2 to pop the question.

Portal: No Escape fan film is surprisingly great

Fan-made film Portal: No Escape lives up to the high standards of one of the year's best games.

Behold! The dumbest video game controversy yet: Portal 2 hates orphans!

After a single joke in Portal 2 mildly upset one man, a North Carolina news station decided to try to increase the controversy and label the game as “insensitive”. Allow us to retort.

April charts: Video game sales jump 20 percent

We've got hardware sales and the top 10 games for April. U.S. video game sales for the month were up 20 percent from 2010.

More Portal 2 content coming this summer, and it will be free (Updated)

In a recent interview, members of Valve have confirmed that the first DLC for Portal 2 is due this summer.

Anonymous blamed for Sony PSN outages

Despite denials, a possibility remains that hacktivist group Anonymous pulled the plug on the Sony PlayStation Network.

Portal 2 Review

Valve Corporation returns to the broken corridors and testing rooms of Aperture Science in Portal 2, which improves on its predecessor in just about every way possible.

‘Portal 2’ now available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3

After a four-year wait (and a frustrating marketing stunt), Valve Software has finally release "Portal 2" for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Protect your flimsy human body in Portal 2 boots seen in this new trailer

In this, the fourth Aperture Investment Opportunity, the lab behind Portal 2 wants you to consider purchasing a new set of boots. Unless you want to die horribly, of course.

You too can own an automated turret in this Portal 2 trailer

Portal 2 continues its series of Aperture Investment videos by offering you this week’s deal—a commercial version of a fully armed turret! Act now while supplies last.

Humans cannot be trusted in this new Portal 2 trailer

In Portal 2, trusting your teammate will be a key to survival. Thankfully as this trailer shows, you won’t need to rely on untrustworthy fleshbags. Instead, you will be able to trust the proven reliability of robots.