Portal 2

Portal 2 encourages you to enjoy panels in this new trailer

Valve has released a new trailer for Portal 2 that wants you to appreciate how important panels are to your survival.

Valve announces ‘big picture’ TV mode for Steam

Valve has unveiled plans to add a "big picture" mode to its Steam PC gaming platform, adding big screen TV play options.

Portal 2 will allow PS3 users to play against PC and Mac

The online multiplayer of Portal 2 will feature cross platform play, and allow PS3 users to face off against Mac and PC gamers.

Razer debuts PC motion controller

Razer brings motion control to PC gaming with the Hydra.

Portal 2 due officially announced for April

One of the most anticipated games for next year has left the limbo status that it has been stuck in since Valve and EA announced a delay from the original February release date to an indefinite time in the future. Fans of the series can now…

Portal 2 shows off a new co-op cinematic

The highly anticipated sequel to the first-person puzzle shooter is due out April 20, and will include a unique co-op mode.

Portal 2 Set for February Release

Valve has announced that the delayed Portal 2 will hit stores on February 9 2011.

E3 2010: Portal 2 Trailer Released

Check out a new trailer for Portal 2, a sequel to the 2007 puzzle game Portal.

Valve to Zap Open Portal 2 on October 26

A lengthy breadcrumb trail of clues for fans has led to an official sequel, headed for Steam this holiday season.