Automated car dealership Tred expands to Portland

Tred offers a middleman service to people looking to buy and sell vehicles without having to deal with a traditional auto dealership. It also provides customer and technology support, serving as its value proposition.
Cool Tech

Getting sweaty, disoriented, and astonished at the world’s first VR film festival

Leave your expectations in Telluride. Participants at Kaleidescope are pushing the limits of VR technology, forging the rules of VR filmmaking, and sweating all over everything.

Starbucks addicts can now order frappuccinos with an app at 4,000 stores

Starbucks addicts can now order their coffee with the new Mobile Order & Pay app update. Mobile orders only work in 4,000 stores so far, but Starbucks plans to roll out the update nationwide in 2015.

Facebook Messenger payments go live in NYC, so you can hit your friends up for money

Facebook has announced that its mobile payment system will go live today in New York City. Adding to the existing markets of Austin, Seattle, and Portland. The feature will compete head to head with mobile payment options such as Venmo.

Uber ceases illegal Portland pickups for 3 months while city rethinks laws

Today, Uber has announced through an agreement with the city that they'll be suspending pickups within city limits for the next three months while they rework the code.

Trends with Benefits: Welcoming our Uberlords, Spain doesn’t understand the Internet

Uber has come to Portland illegally and we're waiting with open arms, Spain doesn't seem to understand how the Internet works, and Google+ continues to rust while we wonder what happened.
Cool Tech

uKeg is a pressurized growler that keeps your beer from going flat

With the help of an innovative pressurization cap, uKeg keeps your precious craft beer from losing its carbonation and going flat.

Google scraps ambitious, high-tech barge project in Portland

Google's ambitious, high-tech barge project has hit stormy waters, and the company has sold the vessel moored in Portland for scrap. This puts an end to hopes we'd be testing out the latest Google toys aboard in the near future.