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This flat, ‘deconstructed’ printer design aims to eliminate paper jams

Designer Mugi Yamamoto has given printers a fresh makeover with the Stack, a device which eliminates all the bulky parts down to one tray that does not need manual paper loads. Librarians everywhere rejoice.

LG launches pocket-sized photo printer

LG debuted a pocket-sized photo printer in the UK today. The inkless printer fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect for space-saving or printing on-the-go.

Print tweets with Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi-powered ‘Internet of Things’ wireless printer

Adafruit announced the wireless version of its Raspberry-pi-powered Internet of Things printer. Build this little printer yourself to print weather forecast reports, Sudoku puzzles, images, and even tweets on a roll of receipt paper.
Cool Tech

Scientists develop the ‘un-printer’, a machine that wipes documents clean

Scientists based in the UK have come up with a way of removing ink from printed paper using a special laser-based technique. It's thought the invention could save forests from being used for new paper, and also cut carbon emissions by up to…

NeatDesk review: Clean up your clutter on autopilot

We go hands-on and print-free with the office organizational wizard, The Neat Company's NeatDesk.

Kodak attempting to avoid looming bankruptcy

Faced with the possibility of filing Chapter 11 in the coming weeks, 131-year-old Kodak is looking to sell of a handful of patents to keep the company afloat for a longer period of time.

Doxie Go Scanner transfers directly to iPhone and iPad

This slim and sleek rechargeable scanner boasts quick speeds and the ability to scan to your iPhone or iPad.

HP and Condé Nast partner to deliver magazines direct to printers

In a move that's sure to require an enormous forest to supply the paper required for this project, HP and Condé Nast are teaming up to deliver content to consumer printers rather than the newsstand.
Cool Tech

Canon announces two wireless photo printers that communicate with smartphones

Why bother scanning a document to a computer when it can be scanned directly to a portable smartphone? Canon releases two new PIXMA printers that are compatible with the recently released Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app.

Hands-on with MakerBot’s Thing-O-Matic, a printer for 3D objects

We spent some time with the guys at MakerBot and their revolutionary Thing-O-Matic, which makes 3D object printing a real possibility for almost anyone.
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Print 2.0: Must-have technologies for your next printer

Wi-Fi, 3D and LED printers are just a few of the innovations reaching store shelves now or lurking just around the corner.

CES 2010 Video – Hands-On with the Canon PIXMA MX340 Printer

We take a brief look at the Canon’s new all-in-one printer, the Canon PIXMA MX340.