Mooltipass Mini is a new physical password manager you can carry with you

Mooltipass Mini is a new palm-sized physical password manager that stores and encrypts your passwords to avoid having to remember login details or run the risk of your software-based managers being hacked.

U.S. government remains committed to its fight to gain access to overseas data

The U.S. government has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to reconsider its July decision protecting information stored overseas from being seized without local legal proceedings.
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When unfriending isn’t enough, here’s how to block someone on Facebook

Need a break from an abusive Facebook friend or someone you simply can't stand? This guide will show you how to block them entirely, or keep them from constantly filling your News Feed with unwanted posts.

Apple says it’s found ‘no evidence’ of store staff sharing secret photos of female shoppers

Contrary to reports, Apple has said it's so far found "no evidence" of store staff in Brisbane sharing secret photos of female shoppers. However, it confirmed "several" staff members had been fired, suggesting some underhanded activities…

Google surveillance report for first half of 2016 shows more government demands

Google issued its government surveillance report for the first half of 2016, with more governments requesting more info on fewer accounts in spite of reforms of surveillance practices underway in the U.S.

Malware allows attackers to silently steal webcam video from your Mac, expert says

While you might be comfortable taping over your Mac's webcam or monitoring its LED, attackers can still steal your streams while you engage in legitimate video conferencing sessions.
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Germany to WhatsApp — stop sharing private user data with Facebook

A month after the messaging giant made a controversial decision to share member information with parent company Facebook, Hamburg's data protection commissioner has weighed in on the controversy.

Despite mixed reviews, Google Allo has more than a million downloads in 3 days

Google Allo, the messaging app that features an AI Google Assistant, is the number one app on the Play Store. The app has drawn mixed reviews, which criticize a lack of default end-to-end encryption, but praise the Assistant's smarts.

Is this cow a government informant? Google blurs bovine’s face in Street View

Cows -- they're just like us! That is to say, they deserve their privacy, too. At least, that appears to be the stance Google is taking, based on its decision to blur out the face of an English cow on Google Street View.
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Hiding a person by pixelating their face? Computer system says don't bother

Researchers have demonstrated that a deep-learning system can correctly guess the identity of people whose faces have been redacted from photos or video with a massive 83 percent accuracy.

Man charged with necrophilia had his phone illegally searched, court rules

According to the Arizona Supreme Court, police needed a warrant to search a phone belonging to a man charged with necrophilia and sexual assault. Even though the phone was not passcode protected, that is not permission for a search.
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Your employer may know if you're quitting before you say so, thanks to Jobrate

Joberate searches public information to attempt to quantify if you're looking for a new job, and assigns you a score much like credit bureaus do. But is the creepiness factor just too much?