Have something to hide? Here’s how to make it disappear in Windows

It's not that tough to render a file or folder invisible in Windows, nor is it difficult to outfit it with a little encryption. Here's how to do so, just in case you want to keep prying eyes at bay.

The NYPD has been spying on phones since 2008

The New York Civil Liberties Union has published a report that confirms the use of phone-intercepting technology by the NYPD. These "stingrays" can track a device's location. The NYPD has issued a statement contesting the NYCLU's…

Dell’s new security feature protects your system from the second it boots up

There are lots of ways to protect a system once it's turned on, but there's another vulnerability that people aren't as aware of, the UEFI (or BIOS), and Dell is stepping in to patch it up.

Your next car will update itself while you sleep, and maybe watch you too

Automakers already update navigation and infotainment systems with wireless technology. The next step is to update core functions like engine and safety management. This is important for many reasons including saving money and increasing…
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Tor’s anonymous and encrypted software is coming to Facebook’s Android app

Facebook has announced Tor network support for Android devices, allowing mobile users to have the same level of anonymity as desktop users. It comes two years after Facebook first launched a Tor onion address for Web users.

New York State's anti-encryption bill would force phone makers to add a backdoor

The New York State Assembly put together a bill aimed at removing strong encryption, which would allow authorities to gain backdoor entrance to smartphones. It comes after years of back and forth between privacy advocates and politicians.

This Faraday smartphone case will make your device invisible to hackers

The Privoro is a Faraday cage you wrap your phone in, jamming anyone from using your the microphone, camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and other radio frequency tech. It's pricey at $1,000, and a little paranoid.

Uber pays New York attorney general $20,000 to settle in 'God View' dispute

Uber has reached a settlement with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman after a 14-month investigation into the company's use of a God View, allowing it to track customers and read their private information.

Chinese legislation directs telecom firms and ISPs to provide decryption

A Chinese anti-terrorism legislation, based on device decryption help from telecoms and Internet providers, is instigating an uproar in western territories -- but are who are we to judge?

Microsoft's latest change to the Windows 10 upgrade dialogue sends users into a rage

A minor change to the "Get Windows 10" application in Windows 7 and 8 has paranoid users up in arms once again, but there's actually no reason to worry.
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Drone gets footage of man with prostitute, leads to arrest in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, an activist and private investigator used his drone to get footage of a “John” and a prostitute consummating their transaction in a car. The video led to the man’s arrest.

BlackBerry refuses to back down, leaves Pakistan instead of handing over private data

BlackBerry will remove its enterprise and consumer services from Pakistan, following demands from the government for it to provide access to encrypted communications used by its business customers. Service is expected to close at the end of…