Microsoft pulled the newest Windows 10 update over a privacy-related bug

It didn't take long for the November update from Windows 10 to disappear after its initial release, and it looks like a bug affecting privacy settings is the culprit.
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Facebook privacy lawsuit moves up to the Austrian Supreme Court

Facebook will have to answer to privacy claims made in a lawsuit, such as allegations of its involvement with the NSA's PRISM program. Other claims say the company violates EU data protection laws. Now, the Austrian Supreme Court will…

Windows silences the haters with an updated privacy statement

With all the mud people are slinging in Microsoft's direction, the Redmond giant has clarified its privacy policy so there won't be any more confusion. The changes directly address some of the concerns that have been running rampant on the…

Tear off that tinfoil hat and chill, Windows 10 isn't watching your every move

With the frenzy the computing community has been whipped into over Windows 10, it's time someone sat down to explain why there's nothing to worry about.

590K Comcast emails and passwords go on sale online

Around 200,000 Comcast customers had their passwords reset after 600,000 login details went up for sale on a dark Web marketplace. Only about a third of them were still active, valid accounts.

Could online scams become a thing of the past? Token of Trust thinks so

Getting scammed online is all too easy. Token of Trust wants to create reliable, common environment online where buyers, sellers, and renters can establish a level of verification no matter the service they use.
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Tor Project launches its first cross-platform messenger app for anonymous, encrypted IM

The Tor Project has launched a beta version of Tor Messenger, a cross-platform messenger client that automatically enables Off-The-Record chat protocol to keep text content and metadeta encrypted and anonymous through the Tor Network.

Snapchat tries to calm down users after privacy policy scare

Snapchat has added an update to its controversial privacy policy, as it tries to reassure users their information will not be passed on to third parties or stored on the company's servers.
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Snapchat’s updated terms of service and privacy policy creep users out

Snapchat has spooked some of its users by updating its terms of service and privacy policy. Users are scared by new wording that appears to give the company free rein to abuse their photos, videos, and personal information.

John McAfee: No one in government cares about your privacy. So let’s burn it down

Americans cite political corruption as their number one-fear, above even terrorist attacks or economic collapse, yet most Presidential candidates have no plan to restore citizens' faith in their government, or stop abuses of power.

Microsoft: US should follow EU data privacy laws for European citizens

Microsoft's chief legal officer Brad Smith argues for a new data transfer agreement between the U.S. and the EU, in which American companies would be required to obey E.U. laws when it comes to handling European data.

John McAfee: Americans must prioritize privacy to thrive as tech booms

As technology further encroaches into every corner of Americans' lives, prioritizing privacy must become a bigger issue than it ever has been in the past.