The FBI wants to read your emails without a warrant

The Senate Intelligence Committee has approved a bill that would give the FBI the ability to acquire consumer email communications, without needing a warrant to do so. It remains to be seen if the full Senate will give it the thumbs up…

FindFace is a new facial recognition app that could end public privacy

FindFace is a new facial recognition app that uses profile photos of Russia’s leading social network, Vkontake, to find their identity. The app, for iOS and Android, claims a 70-percent success rate.

Loose lips won’t sink Snips, a new Siri competitor that promises privacy

Artificial intelligence is already getting close, and we may be even closer with Snips. The mobile AI company has launched its AI platform for iOS, claiming to be the only technology of its kind that is “private by design.”

Online privacy worries increasingly keeping Americans off the internet, study says

A new sobering survey from the U.S. Department of Commerce suggests that Americans are so worried about the lack of privacy online that it's actually deterring them from using the internet. Does this mean the hackers have won?

Runkeeper is the latest mobile app to run afoul of privacy advocates

If you're concerned about privacy, it may be time to find a new fitness tracking app. Runkeeper is reportedly tracking users, even when the app isn't in use, and selling that data to advertisers. The company has earned a formal complaint in…

12 Android keyboards that will have you texting faster than a 13-year-old

We did the research to find a handful of Android keyboards that work efficiently, look good, and have a history of user security. Here are our favorites, so you can feel confident trusting them with all of your typing.

Don't even think about downloading apps for the privacy-focused UnaPhone Zenith

With the conversation of privacy increasingly pushing itself into the national spotlight, the UnaPhone Zenith is the latest privacy-focused smartphone to hit the market, but don't expect to download any third-party apps for it.

Ex-police officer jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives

An ex police sergeant from Philadelphia is being held indefinitely in jail, despite not being charged with a crime, because he is suspected of owning child pornography and refuses to decrypt his hard drives.

House passes bipartisan anti-email snooping bill — unanimously

In a rare unanimous vote, a bill making it much tougher for the government to peer into your emails has passed the House. A tougher road lies ahead in the Senate, where law enforcement is pressing for exceptions.

Friends in high places: Apple backers now include ex-national security officials

Former NSA and CIA directors, along with various other former officials have backed Apple in the encryption war. Their comments have angered U.S. law enforcement officials, who believe money is a motivating factor for their new stance.

Switzerland protected your money — now it’ll protect your data

For decades Switzerland was known as a place to secure money. With the current worldwide concern about secure data, Switzerland has a new industry as a data safe haven.

U.K. Investigatory Powers Bill, like Feinstein-Burr, is also anti-encryption

U.K. lawmakers have been debating the Investigatory Powers Bill since last November, and it has now been confirmed that it looks to force companies to strip encryption from user data.