The NSA and GCHQ can see data from your phone when you're 10,000 feet in the air

Journalists still parsing through the collection of data leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden have found documents proving that international skies are hardly safe from snooping government agencies.

Crashing the masquerade ball: New Firefox exploit could expose Tor users

A zero-day exploit that unmasks Tor users via a Firefox bug has been discovered with evidence that it’s already been used to target people. Mozilla and Tor have acknowledged the vulnerability and are working on a patch.

Privacy might go out the window if a draft law in Germany goes into place

Thanks to a report from the nation's union for data protection, it's been revealed that the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has a draft law in place that would do some serious damage to the state of data privacy rights in Germany.

Trump is against net neutrality, and Republicans agree with him

Republicans don't like net neutrality and are expected to change or overturn the regulations that allow consumers equal access to all internet content. As a candidate, President-elect Donald Trump promised to change the regulations.

People are flocking to encrypt their emails following Trump’s election

Since Donald Trump's election, encrypted email service ProtonMail, which claims to be “NSA-proof,” has seen signups double. The Swiss company released a lengthy statement about what a Trump presidency might mean for privacy.

How do we end the advertising arms race? Start thinking like humans

The new AdNauseam ad blocker works even more effectively - and artfully - than its predecessors, but advertisers will eventually find a way around it. How do we make this game end?

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition aims to knock down ransomware

Microsoft is keenly aware of the impact of ransomware on its customers and has taken significant steps to combat the problem in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition via browser and email, protection, machine learning, and Windows Defender.

Edward Snowden to discuss Donald Trump's potential impact on privacy issues

On Thursday, Edward Snowden will be holding a live question-and-answer session starting at 1:30 p.m. (PT) where he will discuss his views on the potential impact on privacy issues with a Donald Trump presidency.

Web of Trust add-on pulled following report of privacy violations

Web of Trust, the browser add-on for privacy and security, has been castigated after a German media investigation discovered that it was selling user data to third parties without properly anonymizing it.

Never worry about spam again: Sudo supplies disposable phone numbers, email addresses

Sudo, a privacy app for iOS, macOS, and soon Android, helps you hide your digital footprint by supplying disposable phone numbers and email addresses. It's free, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
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EU advocacy group expresses concern over WhatsApp’s data-sharing policy

WhatsApp's data-collection policy, which permits the messaging service to share user info with parent company Facebook, drew sharp rebuke from European Union regulators concerned over its lack of transparency.

Broadband providers now need consent to share your data, thanks to the FCC

The FCC has approved new regulations that require internet-service providers to offer "opt-in consent" to share user data to third-party agencies. This includes web browsing history, app usage, and financial information.