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‘Jak and Daxter Collection’ for PS Vita review: Same great game, new major problems

The HD re-releases of the Jak and Daxter trilogy makes its way to the PS Vita. It's tough to knock the value of having three classics available for the handheld system, but the port is not without its problems.

‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ coming to PS Vita this summer

Still chomping at the bit for more of Telltale Games riveting The Walking Dead adventure series? Season 2 is on the way but you can play a sidestory on PS Vita this summer. Sony announced The Walking Dead: 400 Days at E3 2013 for PS Vita…

‘Dragon’s Dogma Quest’ revealed as free-to-play RPG for PS Vita

The next chapter in the Dragon's Dogma series is Dragon's Dogma Quest, a free-to-play 2D role-playing game that is coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita in fall 2013. Only confirmed for Japan right now.

The Vita has a new contender with Killzone: Mercenary

We go hands on with the PlayStation Vita exclusive first-person shooter, Killzone: Mercenary. While the Vita has yet to reach its potential, games like Mercenary go a long way towards realizing it.

‘Gran Turismo 6’ officially confirmed, coming to PlayStation 3 this fall

A blank product page on the official Gran Turismo website suggests that Sony could be preparing to unveil 'Gran Turismo 6.' Previous clues hinted that the racing simulator could release on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, as well as the…

‘Soul Sacrifice’ review: A soulful slice of misery from the creator of Mega Man

Keiji Inafune is down in the dumps since leaving Capcom if Soul Sacrifice, his oppressive and often moving RPG for PS Vita, is anything to go by. This debut game from Inafune's new studio Comcept looks like Monster Hunter but plays like…

Jetsetter: Veterans of ‘Wipeout,’ ‘Heavy Rain,’ and ‘Remember Me’ team up for some futuristic aerial combat

This week in Jetsetter, we check in on a PS Vita sequel to a long lost PSOne RPG and a promising survival horror game from Indonesia. Then, we take a look at Strike Vector, a Crimson Skies-style shooter made by developers from Quantic…

Jeff Minter discusses the PS Vita, indie gaming’s surprise champion

Jeff Minter makes video games that make your eyes feel like they're melting, from surreal arcade pleasures like Goat Up and psychedelic shooters like Tempest 2000. For his first PS Vita game, Minter is returning to Tempest 2000, making a…

Iconic developer Jeff Minter brings ‘Tempest 2000’ to PS Vita

Jeff Minter has spent some time away from consoles after his 2007 Xbox 360 game Space Giraffe came out. While he isn't coming back to PlayStation 4 and the Next Xbox just yet, he's coming close. Llamasoft is making a new sequel to Tempest…

Can DualShock 3 support in Xperia phones help boost up PlayStation Mobile?

Since launching in late 2012, Sony's PlayStation Mobile has been coasting under the radar, making little headway against mobile leaders like Apple. As Sony broadens the capabilities of its mobile devices with support for traditional…

‘Guacamelee!’ review: Drinkbox Studios’ adventure is one gorgeous bruiser

Drinbox Studios was the secret star of the PS Vita launch in 2012 thanks to its game Mutant Blobs Attack. Now the studio is back on Sony's machines with Guacamaelee!, a grand luchador quest to save the lands of the living and the dead built…

It doesn’t pay to be a Dreamcast lover; Sega delays ‘Phantasy Star Online 2’ in the US

Stop polishing those mags and pestering your friends to decide what class they want to role around the galaxy as. Sega won't be releasing its new online role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2 in the US this spring as planned. The game has…