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Gravity Rush remake and sequel announced for PlayStation 4

Sony announced that a remastered version of its PS Vita action-adventure game Gravity Rush will launch for the PlayStation 4 next year ahead of a newly revealed series sequel.

Twisted Metal, Grow Home free in September for PlayStation Plus members

Sony has announced September's multiplatform freebies for PlayStation Plus members, naming the first featured game chosen by popular vote among its player base as part of the inaugural Vote to Play campaign.

Guacamelee dev’s Severed reschedules PS Vita release

Severed, the next project from Guacamelee developer DrinkBox Studios, has pushed back its release date as its creators focus on playtesting.

Here’s how to back up your PlayStation Mobile games before tomorrow’s shutdown

Sony's PlayStation Mobile service is shutting down tomorrow, resulting in the permanent loss of a large number of games on the PlayStation Network. Here's how to back up your purchased games.

Super Meat Boy serves up fresh ports for PS4, PS Vita

Indie developer Team Meat's hyper-difficult platformer Super Meat Boy is headed to PlayStation platforms this year, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can pick up copies free of charge.
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Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 headset put Astro on notice – Hands-on video

Turtle Beach calls its Elite 800 the ultimate gaming headset, and based on what we're seeing, we're inclined to agree. Check them out up close in our video.

Major PS4 update brings fancier videos, dimmer controller

A major system update for the PS4 will add powerful video editing tools and better means to share the results, and the option to finally dim the controller.

Borderlands 2 PS Vita release confirmed for May 2014

Sony confirms a May 13 release date for Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita, with a handheld-and-game bundle arriving one week earlier, on May 6.

PlayStation Vita update improves home screen and storage management

The forthcoming v3.10 update for PlayStation Vita increases the number of icons that can be placed on the device's home screen. It also adds a more flexible content manager and a Calendar app.

The 10 best import games coming in 2014

The year 2014 has gotten off to a slow start in the world of video games, but there's plenty of greatness on the horizon, including a number of killer games not likely to hit the US this year. Among them are a new Yakuza spin-off, a great…

Slimmed down PlayStation Vita comes to the UK in February

Sony confirms plans to release the slimmed-down version of the PlayStation Vita in the UK on February 7. There remains no word on when the second-gen Vita will be coming to the U.S. or other markets in Europe.

Two more free PlayStation Plus games added as PS Vita Play promo kicks off

Sony adds two more games to the Instant Game Collection that PlayStation Plus subscribers receive on the same day that a month-long PS Vita Play promotion kicks off, offering bonus store credit in exchange for game purchases.