Sony launches more restrictive DRM for the PlayStation Network

While PlayStation 3 owners are likely spending time engrossed in the latest PS3 releases like Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Sony is applying stricter DRM on purchases made on the PlayStation Network.

PSP Go not entirely dead after all, production continues in U.S.

Sony Computer Entertainment America confirms that production and distribution of the PSP Go will continue in North America, despite an earlier statement from the company that the product was being discontinued.

Sony confirms the death of the PSP Go, NGP now the focus

Sony officially confirms that the PSP Go has been discontinued as efforts are shifted to ongoing NGP development.

Sony drops PlayStation Portable price down to $129.99

Sony drops the price on its PSP handheld gaming devices from $169.99 to $129.99, most likely in the hopes of clearing out stock before the NGP launches later this year.

Our first look at the Sony PSP2?

A possible screenshot of the PSP2 has hit the Web, showing a PSP Go-like device with a memory card slot, two analog control sticks, and a stylus, indicating it has a touchscreen.
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PlayStation phone set for spring

The Android powered PlayStation phone based on the PSP Go is due to hit North America and Europe this spring according to a new report form Japan.

Sony PSP Go cuts price to $199

Sony’s handheld gaming device has dropped in price from $249 to $199.
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Sony Adopts Android 3.0 for Upcoming PlayStation Phone

Sony’s choice of Android for its long-awaited “PlayStation phone” could give Google's mobile OS a boost in gaming credibility.

Sony Offers PlayStation, PSP Hardware Warranties

Sony is now offering hardware protection plans for PlayStations and PSPs, going after a big of that "extended warranty" action.
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The 10 Best PSP Games: Top PSP Video Game Picks

Hunting for the best PSP games? Here are the 10 top games for PSP and PSP Go, all sure to give PlayStation Portable video game fans a run for their joysticks.