PSP RPG Summon Night 5 debuting stateside in limited retail pressing

Long after Sony dropped its own support for the system, a boutique publisher is launching new games for the long-dormant PlayStation Portable.

PlayStation Portable to cease distribution in Japan and Europe

After cutting off shipments to the US in January, Sony has now announced that the PlayStation Portable will cease Japanese distribution later this month and European later this year.

Two more free PlayStation Plus games added as PS Vita Play promo kicks off

Sony adds two more games to the Instant Game Collection that PlayStation Plus subscribers receive on the same day that a month-long PS Vita Play promotion kicks off, offering bonus store credit in exchange for game purchases.

Xseed Games’ Ken Berry explains why it continues to support the Wii and PSP even though Nintendo and Sony don’t

Xseed Games is known for bringing niche Japanese games to English-speaking audiences, but it's also got a habit of putting out games for seemingly dead platforms. Xseed VP Ken Berry talks with Digital Trends about how to keep consoles…

FIFA 13 review: Still the one

FIFA 13 returns with a host of improvements, but is it enough to defend its long-held title from rival Konami and its Pro Evolution Soccer series?

PS Vita exploit discovered by hacker. Can pirates be stopped from plaguing Vita like they did on PSP?

Thanks to the discovery of a new exploit, hackers are hard at work building a homebrew loader for the PlayStation Vita.

Digital Blend: Nvidia enters the cloud gaming game, Doctor Who PSN release dated, and plenty more

Welcome to Digital Blend, your one-stop-shop for coverage and recommendations of all things relating to mobile gaming, digital marketplaces, and indie titles (for the week ending May 20).

Sony posts record $5.74 bil annual loss, PlayStation division reports $2.8 bil loss

Sony's fiscal year didn't end quite as badly as it expected, but the Japanese giant suffered record losses all the same.

Hacker-friendly PSP games return to the Vita

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip are once again available for download on Sony's latest handheld, though both have been altered to deter hackers.

Half-Byte Loader creator talks homebrew and Sony’s fight against pirates on Vita

A prominent member of the PSP homebrew community discusses Vita after Sony pulled games from its network to block hackers and homebrewers alike.

Sony launches more restrictive DRM for the PlayStation Network

While PlayStation 3 owners are likely spending time engrossed in the latest PS3 releases like Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Sony is applying stricter DRM on purchases made on the PlayStation Network.

Can Sony and Nintendo still compete in mobile gaming?

Nintendo and Sony have lost their grip on mobile gaming. One company is tentatively embracing Android; the other is banking on its history. Can either strategy succeed?