Michael Jackson game sells 3 million units, Xbox and PS3 versions coming

Ubisoft announced today that Michael Jackson: The Experience has sold more than 3 million units since its debut late last year.

Sony drops PlayStation Portable price down to $129.99

Sony drops the price on its PSP handheld gaming devices from $169.99 to $129.99, most likely in the hopes of clearing out stock before the NGP launches later this year.

PSP2 could be announced at the end of the month

It's finally happening - maybe. We've got new details on a possible release date for the PSP2.

PSP2 might offer graphics on par with PS3

A new rumor suggests that Sony’s upcoming handheld unit will be powerful enough to run PS3 graphics.

Is this Sony’s rumored PlayStation smartphone?

Leaked photos allegedly show Sony's long-rumored PlayStation phone, but their veracity remains in question amid denials from Sony.

What if Apple bought Sony?

Apple-branded TVs, PSP games on the iPhone and a flaming pile of wreckage where Blu-ray used to stand could all be in the future, for a hypothetical Sony under the command of Steve Jobs.

A new version of The 3rd Birthday trailer arrives

After 10 years, the Parasite Eve story continues on the PSP in The 3rd Birthday. It is due out in Japan on December 22, and in the U.S. sometime next year.

Videogame sales slump further in August, but Xbox 360 is king

The video game industry’s slump shows no signs of abating, but there is a silver lining for both Sony and Microsoft.

Sony Announces New Streaming Music Service for PS3 and PSP

The new service, called “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity,” will be available later this year.

PSP 2 May Have Buttons on its Back

A new rumor from Gamscon suggests that the new PSP will feature touch sensitive controls on the back of the device.

Sony Targets Apple in New PSP Ads

A new ad form Sony admits that Apple might have more iPhone games, but counters that they aren’t nearly as good as the PSPs.
Android Army

Sony Adopts Android 3.0 for Upcoming PlayStation Phone

Sony’s choice of Android for its long-awaited “PlayStation phone” could give Google's mobile OS a boost in gaming credibility.