Apple Patent Reveals Plans for iPhone, iPad Gaming Control Docks

Newly filed patents reveal Apple’s intention expand gaming opportunities on the iPhone and iPad, with a new dock that adds physical controls.


Jill Stuart’s PSP-3000 Gets Gamers In Touch With Their Feminine Side

Sony showed its true colors in its new Jill Stuart Sweet Limited PSP Bundle.


Sony’s PlayStation Network Gets Reality TV Show

SCEA will debut its original reality show for gamers--"The Tester"-- on February 18 for the PS3 and PSP.


PSP Digital Comics Service Launches Today

PSP Digital Comics Service is launching today in the US and other countries.


The 10 Best PSP Games: Top PSP Video Game Picks

Hunting for the best PSP games? Here are the 10 top games for PSP and PSP Go, all sure to give PlayStation Portable video game fans a run for their joysticks.

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Sony Bundles up Metal-Blue PSP for Madden

Madden 09 will get its own PSP bundle, including a metallic blue PSP, when it's released late this summer.


Sony To Team With Skype For PSP

Sony is expected to announce next week that it’s teaming with Skype to make VoIP available for its PSP handheld console.


Sony Sells a Million New PSPs in Japan

Sony has sold over a million of its new, slimmer PSPs in Japan during the product's first two months, outpacing sales for the original PSP.


Sony PlayStation Store Opens to PCs

Rather than having to use a PlayStation 3, PCs can now be used to download and transfer games to the Sony PSP.


New PSP Gets Launch Date and Price in Japan

Sony says it will begin offering its slimmed-down and updated PlayStation Portable (PSP) in Japan on September 20 for about $162.


Sony Launches PaRappa the Rapper on PSP

One of the first rhythm action games makes a return in portable form at the height of the gaming trend it helped spawn.


Sony Unveils Redesigned PSP

Sony has unveiled a redesigned PSP which is one third lighter, sports a 4.3-inch display, and includes video output.


BT Bringing Wi-Fi Calling to PSP

PSP owners in the UK may soon be able to make voice and video calls using new software developed by BT.


Sony Drops PlayStation Portable Price

Consumer electronics giant announces a $30 price drop in its core PSP hardware offering as well as the addition of new titles to its value game selling program.