Sony: No idea when PlayStation Network can be restored

First Sony said they were "rebuilding" their PlayStation Network after an intrusion; now they say they have no idea when it'll be back up.

Sony pegs loss of PlayStation Network and Qriocity service to an ‘external intrusion’

Sony officially confirms that the loss of service on PlayStation Network and Qriocity is the result of an "external intrusion," though hacker group Anonymous denies any involvement.

Sony bringing Music Unlimited to the PSP

PlayStation Portable owners will soon be able to tap into Sony's Music Unlimited streaming service starting at $3.99 per month.
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Sony confirms it will introduce tablet this year

Reports out of Japan say that Sony is on track to release a tablet in the very near future. Could it be the S1?

Microsoft Ventura project to bring multimedia discovery

A Microsoft job posting makes its look like the company is considering a move to a cloud-hosted multimedia service currently dubbed "Ventura."
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Sony S2 dual-screen clamshell tablet rumored for 2011

Sony may introduce the S2 dual-screen clamshell device in the coming year, a device we hesitate to call a tablet.

Apple wants to improve iTunes file quality

Apple will pave the way toward a heightened digital music experience with an iTunes file upgrade. But are consumers willing to pay for improved audio?

Rumor: Sony developing a PlayStation tablet dubbed the S1

PlayStation phone who? The S1 marks Sony's first foray into the tablet wars and could be here as early as September.
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Sony expands Music Unlimited by Qriocity in Europe

Sony has lit up its Music Unlimited by Qriocity digital music service in Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Can it challenge iTunes?
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Sony Qriocity On-Demand Movie Service Launching in February?

Reports have Sony getting launching its own Internet-based on-demand video service dubbed "Qriocity"—and it'll be on its televisions' XMB menus.