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Opinion: Imagining Nokia’s iPad-destroying Windows 8 tablet

It’s possible for Nokia to dethrone Apple’s market-leading iPad with its upcoming Windows 8 tablet, but a watered-down iClone won’t do it. Here’s what the company will have to improve to have a shot at success.

Opinion: What will it take to drop jaws and eclipse Apple at CES 2012?

Despite shunning CES, Apple continues to set expectations for the thousands of gadgets to be unveiled there. Here’s what it will take for one of them to outshine the most prominent electronics company in the world.

E-readers vs. tablets: Why they’re two different beasts

Rob Enderle gives his take on the never ending e-reader versus tablet discussion and wonders why Barnes & Noble mislead consumers.

Tablets and the iPad of the future will blow you away

Rob Enderle looks at the future of tablet technology and why current tablets are only scratching the surface.
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Dell Streak and Others Could be Competitors to the Apple iPad

Rob Enderle rounds up some possible competitors to the Apple iPad such as the Dell Streak tablet that will be hitting store shelves soon.

Can HP, Microsoft, Lenovo and Others Compete with Apple’s iPad?

Apple’s iPad tablet PC is here. Thankfully for competitors like HP, Microsoft and Lenovo, there’s plenty of room left to innovate.

New E-Readers and E-Book Players for 2010

We sift through this year’ CES announcements to highlight the hottest e-readers and e-book players set to debut in 2010.

CES 2010: Tablets, eReaders, 3D TV Technology Put the Conference Back in Business

Rob Enderle rounds up some of his favorite products from CES 2010 and tells us why he thinks CES came back with a vengeance this year.