Forget about the Snapdragon 810, here's the first teaser for a Snapdragon 820 smartphone

LeTV, a Chinese company that has only started producing smartphones this year, is already teasing its next major release -- which will be built around the exciting new Snapdragon 820 processor, if the teaser image is anything to go by.


This wireless charging technology works with metal phones

Qualcomm says it has solved the problem of enabling wireless charging on phones with metal bodies, and has made the technology available to its partners today. However, the ongoing standards battle may hold back adoption.

Cool Tech

Revised Snapdragon 810 chip may mean its days of getting hot and bothered are over

Qualcomm has quietly introduced a revised version of the Snapdragon 810 processor, which may cure problems with overheating, and it's being used in a variety of phones already, including the HTC One M9.

Android Army

Project Tango coming to smartphones thanks to Qualcomm

The innovative 3D mapping technology could power the augmented- and virtual-reality experiences of the future, and it's coming to a reference smartphone device before the end of the year.


Will the Lenovo U31 come to America after all?

Lenovo's U31 might end up being released in the United States after all, as the product seems to have been submitted to the FCC, suggesting plans for a retail launch.


This 3D fingerprint sensor uses ultrasound scanning to hold your data tight

Qualcomm's latest futuristic tech is an ultrasound fingerprint sensor that reads through layers of your skin for more accuracy and security. The technology works with the Snapdragon 810 processor.


Qualcomm loses its antitrust battle with China, will fork over nearly $1 billion

In a likely effort to curb Qualcomm's success, China imposed a $1 billion fine on the company. Both Qualcomm and China agreed to the settlement, which stemmed from China accusing the chipmaker of imposing anti-competitive licensing practices.


Microsoft, Sony, Oppo, and Motorola all pledge allegiance to the Snapdragon 810

Microsoft, Sony, Motorola, and Oppo are all working on new mobile devices which use the Snapdragon 810 processor, ready for release later this year, according to a document released by Qualcomm.


The Snapdragon 810 is problem-free says Qualcomm, but one company doesn’t agree

Qualcomm has come out in defense of its Snapdragon 810 processor, saying there are no problems with the chip. However, there is one company that doesn't agree, and is unlikely to use the 810 in its next big smartphone release.


When cities adopt smartphone chips, trash cans talk and streep lamps have ears

Qualcomm wants the Snapdragon processor you have in your phone to power the Internet of Things, and it has revealed how connecting even the most mundane city objects to the Internet can be hugely beneficial. Here are three examples.


Richard Branson launches latest broadband-for-the-masses satellite project

Get ready for yet another sky-based broadband-for-the-masses project. Following Facebook and Google is Virgin, which, together with Qualcomm, is investing in satellite firm OneWeb in a bid to bring Internet connectivity to remote parts of the world.


Qualcomm teases new Snapdragon-powered phone, and it could be the G Flex 2

Qualcomm has taken to Twitter and teased the arrival of a new smartphone. It hasn't named the mysterious device, but a picture hints it will boast a set of rear mounted controls - a familiar characteristic of modern LG phones.


BMW’s Formula E i8 may be a ‘connected car,’ but it sure looks slippery in this video

The first FIA Formula E Grand Prix was held over the weekend, and it also served as the debut for two special safety cars. The BMW i3 and i8 were dressed up in official garb for the race, and a telecomm borrowed a Formula E racer to promote its wireless…


New Snapdragon 210 processor to power cheap 4G LTE smartphones next year

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 210 processor, and while it's not its most powerful chip, it's still exciting. The cheap chip could bring 4G LTE connectivity to smartphones costing less than $100, and low-cost tablets too.


There’s a universal language for the smart home, but all won’t join AllJoyn

AllJoyn promises to unite the smart home under one common language, but there’s one problem: A handful of companies refuse to get join. Here’s why they’re holding out, and what it means for your connected dream home.