quantum break

Microsoft hopes to expand its cross-buy offerings

After announcing that pre-orders for the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will offer customers access to the game on a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft has plans to expand its cross-buy program going forward.

Quantum Break is coming to PC the same day as Xbox One 1:47

Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, will be releasing on PC in April, the same day as the console version. This comes soon after Rise of the Tomb Raider made the move to PC, as well.

Quantum Break stops time next April on Xbox One

Remedy Entertainment has announced that its shooter Quantum Break will arrive for Xbox One next April. The announcement came alongside a new gameplay demonstration and a look at the live-action show.

Three Microsoft exclusives skipping E3, will show at Gamescom instead

Three big Xbox One exclusives will be skipping E3 this year, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer. Crackdown, Quantum Break, and Scalebound will all be shown at Gamescom in August of this year instead.

Lost and X-Men stars join the cast of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break [updated]

Lost star Dominic Monaghan and X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Shawn Ashmore appear to be filming appearances in Quantum Break, if the screengrab of a now-deleted tweet is to be believed.

Quantum Break gameplay highlights Remedy’s time-twisting action

Take a peek at the gameplay in Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break, the Xbox One exclusive that debuted footage during Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 press briefing.

Remedy gives sneak peak of Quantum Break, but don’t expect anything at E3

Remedy Entertainment, best known for Max Payne and Alan Wake, has shared a video of their upcoming action game, Quantum Break, before the official reveal at gamescom in August.

From ‘Halo 5’ to ‘Titanfall’: What we know about the Xbox One games coming after launch

We take an up close look at Microsoft's incoming platform exclusives for the Xbox One console. What should you be looking to play after the hardware is out? What's to come in 2014 and beyond? You'll find answers right here.

‘Quantum Break’ carries Remedy’s narrative aspirations into the next-generation

Remedy Entertainment offers an early, early, early look at the ideas and concepts driving its Xbox One exclusive video game-slash-TV series, 'Quantum Break.' Did we mention that it's early?

Xbox One game lineup highlighted by ‘Forza Motorsport 5,’ four from EA Sports

Microsoft reveals early details on some of the first games that will be available for its just-announced Xbox One console, including Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment, and four EA Sports games, all powered by the…