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Quora caves and partners as a source for link-bait heavy Web publishers

Quora allows some of its most popular Q&As to get incorporated into posts from other media distributors, like Buzzfeed. Who's really benefiting?
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Thank you, Quora, for finally introducing full-text search

Searching on Quora was a chore, so the team has rethought how users searched for topics with the introduction of full-text searches and search results. Searching on Quora just became far, far less painful.
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Quora introduces Top Writers, drives attention – and rewards – to its most influential users

Quora continues to chart the knowledge graph with a nod to the most well-versed, influential writers using its platform. The Top Writer title includes special Quora perks, and should drive these users as well as Top Writer hopefuls to boost…
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Bing and Quora’s new ‘social sidebar’ still needs some work

Bing is bolstering its social search results with its latest partnership with Quora and a new "social sidebar." If only it worked well...
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Quora adds embeddable quotes to keep promoting its platform

You'll now be able to lift, format, and post Quora content to your sites, a move that should help the startup get some name recognition.
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Silently but surely, Quora is growing thanks to Google

Despite having fallen off the media grid, Quora has grown over 350 percent in the last year, with 50 percent of its unique visits coming from Google searches.

Quora outgrows Q&A, launches ‘boards’ feature

Quora has launched a new blog-like feature called boards.
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Microsoft working on its own social network Socl

Microsoft is working on its very own social network that is it currently calling Socl, but that name may change. Socl looks like a couple of social networks you know and love (or hate), but offers a couple of new features that people…
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Quora Browse does a little clean up for the Q&A site

Quora just got a little easier to look at with its new browsing feature.
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Quora testing new barter-for-answers system

Quora is rumored to be introducing a bartering system to its Q&A platform.
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NY Times reporters to answer questions live on Quora

Ever wanted to quiz a journalist from The New York Times? Starting tomorrow, you can have your chance.
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Discovery brings Curiosity, a new kind of Q&A platform

The Internet didn't really need another Q&A site, but Curiosity's emphasis on expertise might be enough to set it apart from the rest.