Raspberry Pi

Otto is the Raspberry Pi camera that insists you hack it, so it can do awesome new things

Otto is a Raspberry Pi-based camera that can be customized to take unique photos and perform tricks, among others. The camera has a crank that lets you create animated GIFs easily and quickly simply by winding it.


Engineer builds his own cell phone with a Raspberry Pi

Since the Raspberry Pi first appeared in 2012, it's been used for all kinds of purposes. The latest ingenious project to use the miniature computer is a working cell phone complete with touchscreen.


Start your own digital camera manufacturing business with this Raspberry Pi tutorial

Sure, you can buy a digital camera for around $100 off the shelf, but wouldn't it be more fun to build one for the same money? You can with Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen fro Adafruit, and even add Wi-Fi capability to it.


Raspberry Pi camera module now available as a bundle for the bargain price of $40

Thanks to a new camera module, the Raspberry Pi low-power mini computer can be turned into time-lapse camera, security camcorder, or anything you can think up. The camera is now available as a bundle for $40.


Need to water your lawn? The Raincloud has already taken care of it for you

The RainCloud is a Wi-Fi connected, automated watering system that irrigates your lawn or plants with a Raspberry Pi computer and basic parts. An attached sensor measures the ground conditions to let the RainCloud know when to start watering.

Cool Tech

Make your own Raspberry Pi-powered media streamer with the XBMC kit from element14

For just $70, you can turn your single-board Raspberry Pi computer into a wireless media hub capable of 1080p playback. The hub supports files from all platforms, including Apple, Windows, Android, and even Linux.


Raspberry Pi-powered handheld console takes shape on The Ben Heck Show

In part two of The Ben Heck Show, master modder Ben Heckendorn shows you how to 3D-print your own case and put your Raspberry Pi portable gamer together with lots of wires and a hot glue gun.


Raspberry Pi turned into a portable gaming console by The Ben Heck Show

Hacker extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn of The Ben Heck Show takes on the GameBoy Advance with a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, LCD screen, and a game controller. He'll be giving his project away, so find out how you can win one.


Raspberry Pi takes a trip to space, snaps photos of Earth, comes back again

It may have been one relatively small step for Brit Dave Akerman, but it was definitely one giant leap for his Raspberry Pi computer.


Add a 5-megapixel camera module to your Raspberry Pi for $25

Forget about emulating retro games or managing your bike's headlight. This official camera from the Raspberry Pi Foundation can help your Model A or B mini-computer capture 5-megapixel stills and 1080p videos at up to 30 fps.


$45 BeagleBone Black is a more powerful Raspberry Pi alternative

BeagleBone Black is a $45 single-board, mini-computer that packs a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 2GB of on-board storage with a micro-SD Card slot that can handle everything from Android to robot-making projects.


$99 UDOO mini ARM computer has 4 times the power of a Raspberry Pi

UDOO is the latest single-board computer to take Kickstarter by storm. For just $99, you can have an ARM-powered mini computer with Wi-Fi and Ethernet that supports both Android and Linux.


Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro DOS game console

Forget downloading game emulators to play retro games on your computer. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a DOS (and SNES) game console by following these simple steps from Coding Epiphany.


25 Raspberry Pis power computer lab in underdeveloped African village

Thanks to the very affordable and tiny computer we know as Raspberry Pi, students in a small African village can enjoy a fully functional computer lab where they can eventually learn programming.


$25 Model A Raspberry Pi now officially available in the U.S.

The tiny, low-power $25 Raspberry Pi Model A computer is now available in the United States via authorized resellers, although the first one has sold out of units almost as soon as they became available.