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Raspberry Pi sells 10 millionth computer, releases special kit to celebrate

The Raspberry Pi has now sold a whopping 10 million credit card-sized computers since it was first debuted in 2012, and to celebrate this momentous achievement, the company has released the official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit."
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Want to track quakes on your own? Get a Raspberry Shake before campaign ends

Was that a tremor you just felt? You don't have to be a seismologist to answer that question,not if you have the Raspberry Shake, that is. It's branded as a "professional grade personal seismograph"

Onion’s Omega2, a $5 rival to the Raspberry Pi, smashes crowdfunding goal

Onion's Omega2 has raised $440,000 after setting a crowdfunding goal of $15,000, making it a strong contender to the undisputed ruler of the single-board computer market, the Raspberry Pi.

This $120 Raspberry Pi 3 bundle is the starter kit you’ve been waiting for

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a credit card-sized, low-cost computer capable of taking on a multitude of tasks. This $120 bundle includes everything you need to turn your newly-acquired Raspberry board into a full-fledged computer.
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PiBorg's Raspberry Pi racecars are built by you, powered by AI

In Cambridge in the U.K., a company called PiBorg is hosting the world’s first autonomous (toy) car racing international grand prix. And you can enter it, for the right price.
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Weekend Workshop: Stave off the heat this summer with a DIY smart electric fan 0:49

The electric fan needed an upgrade and a savvy engineer at Instructables devised a way to make a person sensing smart fan using a Raspberry Pi. Here's how you can build one of these innovative devices for yourself.

New Raspberry Pi enclosure from Kodi and FLIRC looks slick in the living room

Kodi has teamed up with Flirc of Silicon Valley to create a special enclosure for the Raspberry Pi board. The enclosure features a passive cooling design and an included thermal pad for a quiet media-center solution for your…

Students’ homemade Raspberry Pi 3D scanner turns light paintings into holograms

HoloPainting is a technique that combines light painting, stop motion, and hyperlapse photography to create 360-degree animated 3D holograms. Up until now, light painting was only done in two dimensions.

Smart cat wheel injects Raspberry Pi tech into your cat's workout

Cat wheels have kept domestic felines fit and active for decades, but this DIY project puts a technologically advanced spin on the traditional design with the addition of a Raspberry Pi.
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Looking for a fun electronics project? Here’s 10 easy Arduino-based gizmos you can build

If you really want to show off your DIY skills, Arduino projects can be useful, beautiful, and downright impressive. Unfortunately, some also require some serious skill. Check out 10 of our current favorites.

Burger King toy turns into a “Game Boy Color Nano”

The Raspberry Pi has a lot of different uses, including morphing an old Burger King Game Boy Color toy into one of the cutest emulators to walk the earth. That's what one guy thought and found someone already doing it.

Meet the camera that shows you a stranger’s images instead of your own

A French artist and engineer has created a wacky Raspberry Pi-powered camera that not only doesn't show you the image you took, but instead display someone else's from Google Image search.