Raspberry Pi

Want to play GTA V on your Raspberry Pi 2? Well, you can’t – but it now supports OpenGL!

An experimental OpenGL driver makes hardware accelerated OpenGL possible on the Raspberry Pi, meaning some 3D games can now run smoothly on the tiny PC.

In a desperate grasp for popularity, Samsung’s Tizen OS has been ported to Raspberry Pi

Linux-based collaboration projects Yocto and OpenEmbedded may have just made Samsung's dream of full-on Tizen 3.0 OS on Raspberry Pi a reality, but will it inflict widespread adoption?

Make a working laptop with just a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Lapdock

It's easier than ever to build a hobbyist computing project in the age of low-cost single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi Zero, as is evidenced by this unique laptop creation.

JaguarBoard is a $45 Intel-powered Raspberry Pi alternative

The Raspberry Pi is great, but requires an ARM-based OS. The JaguarBoard is a similar device with an Intel processor, so it can run Ubuntu or Windows 10.

Raspberry Pi vs. Chip: Battle of the palm-sized PCs

You can get both a Chip or a Raspberry Pi computer for under $10, but which really has the most to offer? The answer to that question isn't simple, but there is a definite winner.

Unboxing a Pi-Top, the laptop you build yourself

The Raspberry Pi is great for learning the basics of computer hardware and coding, but did you know it can be turned into a full-fledged laptop? Discover how as we unbox, assemble, and use the Pi-Top.

Microsoft to make big changes to Windows 10 IoT, announces Core Starter Kit

Fancy a Windows home-brew project? Microsoft has now released a starter kit for its IoT Core system, which bundles the OS with some sensor equipment and a Raspberry Pi 2 if you want to go the whole hog.

PiDrive Raspberry Pi HDD from Western Digital gives the little PC big storage

The Western Digital PiDrive is a big addition to the line up of Raspberry Pi accessories. Offering a terabyte of storage in a compact package, as well as a pass-thru power cable system, it is uniqurely designed to augment a Raspberry Pi B+…

Raspberry Pi official touchscreens now available for $60

If you've ever wanted to input to your Raspberry Pi directly from your finger tips, you can now do so through an official channel thanks to the new touchscreen display that the foundation has launched.

Build a killer home media center with a $35 Raspberry Pi

Why spend money on a dedicated media streamer that only does one thing, when you could spend a few minutes setting up a Raspberry Pi to be a media center with awesome functionality? Setting it up is easier than you think!

The world’s first nine dollar computer has more ports than the MacBook

Got ten dollars in your pocket? Then you can back a super-small microcomputer on Kickstarter, receive a working unit and still have a dollar to spare.

How do you catch J.J. Abrams’ attention? Try sending an X-wing into space

Sending a camera into space with a weather balloon is nothing new, but two astronomy buffs and Star Wars fans added a twist by attaching an X-wing model, showing it fly above Earth. The duo also hopes to score tickets to the new…