Raspberry Pi

Microsoft to make big changes to Windows 10 IoT, announces Core Starter Kit

Fancy a Windows home-brew project? Microsoft has now released a starter kit for its IoT Core system, which bundles the OS with some sensor equipment and a Raspberry Pi 2 if you want to go the whole hog.

PiDrive Raspberry Pi HDD from Western Digital gives the little PC big storage

The Western Digital PiDrive is a big addition to the line up of Raspberry Pi accessories. Offering a terabyte of storage in a compact package, as well as a pass-thru power cable system, it is uniqurely designed to augment a Raspberry Pi B+…

Raspberry Pi official touchscreens now available for $60

If you've ever wanted to input to your Raspberry Pi directly from your finger tips, you can now do so through an official channel thanks to the new touchscreen display that the foundation has launched.

Build a killer home media center with a $35 Raspberry Pi

Why spend money on a dedicated media streamer that only does one thing, when you could spend a few minutes setting up a Raspberry Pi to be a media center with awesome functionality? Setting it up is easier than you think!

The world’s first nine dollar computer has more ports than the MacBook

Got ten dollars in your pocket? Then you can back a super-small microcomputer on Kickstarter, receive a working unit and still have a dollar to spare.

How do you catch J.J. Abrams’ attention? Try sending an X-wing into space

Sending a camera into space with a weather balloon is nothing new, but two astronomy buffs and Star Wars fans added a twist by attaching an X-wing model, showing it fly above Earth. The duo also hopes to score tickets to the new…

Parallels introduces remote Windows desktop client for Raspberry Pi

Parallels have announced a new remote Windows desktop client that hopes to introduce the Raspberry Pi to the world of business. While the device is no technical powerhouse, it should have the necessary specs to run Windows without much…

What’s smaller, the MacBook’s logic board, or the Raspberry Pi? The answer will surprise you

The logic board in the new MacBook hosts an Intel processor, a hard drive and RAM, yet is incredibly small -- smaller, in fact, than the Raspberry Pi.

Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi: Mortal enemies, or best friends?

The announcement of the Raspberry Pi may have led many to declare Arduino obsolete, but that's not entirely true. The two devices each have their own advantages and intended uses. In fact, they can at times work together to accomplish a…

Making raspberries, or going bananas? We compare to find the best Pi

There's a number of other products competing with the Pi for a share of the DIY market, and one of the more popular versions is the Banana Pi from Chinese manufacturer LeMaker. But does it really challenge the new, quad-core Raspberry Pi?

Is the Raspberry Pi 2 a $35 miracle PC, or still a hobby oddity?

The new Raspberry Pi 2 made a surprise debut last month with a substantially quicker processor and more connectivity, but the $35 computer is still more of a tinker’s toy than a serious PC.

Get under the crust of these 10 fun and easy Raspberry Pi projects

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing device. Check out some of our favorite Pi projects, whether your prefer to create your own personalized weather station or a musical instrument that utilizes nearby vegetables for drum pads.