Following Pandora acquisition, Rdio will go silent on December 22

After saying goodbye to its users and providing them with export tools to take their playlists and favorites with them, Rdio has announced that it will shut down for good on December 22.

Save your Rdio music collection: Spotify introduces new import tool

Rdio subscribers in need of a new home for the music collection are receiving an eager welcome from Spotify. The streaming service has added a tool to allow them to import their tracks, albums, and playlists.

Rdio says farewell to users with a page full of statistics

Rdio has gone bankrupt and has sold its assets to Pandora. As the days count down until Rdio reaches its end of life, the streaming service is sharing export options and statistics on users music habits.

Rdio Free will be the only available streaming service from Rdio

The music streamer recently acquired by Pandora has explained current subscriptions will be cancelled on their next billing period and switched to free, ad-supported service. Rdio Free will continue to be offered until the service goes…

Rdio owed $220 million to creditors when it filed for bankruptcy 

Music streamer Rdio, which Pandora bought key assets from yesterday, owes about $220 million to creditors. The service made about $1.5 million monthly from subscription revenue, significantly less than its $4 million in monthly operating…

Pandora buys pieces of Rdio to battle rivals Spotify and Apple Music

Rdio may be about to disappear but Pandora's stepping in to grab the best bits. That's right, as Rdio filed for bankruptcy Monday, music streaming service Pandora said it's acquiring parts of Rdio to help it bring on-demand features to its…

Rdio’s new deal with Cumulus Media will add hundreds of terrestrial radio stations

Music streamer Rdio announced a new partnership with terrestrial radio giant Cumulus Media to woo new subscribers that will add around 470 radio stations to the streaming music service.

Rdio to launch $4-a-month streaming service offering 25 tracks a day

Music streaming service Rdio is about to launch a new mid-level subscription option that offers users 25 tracks a day for $4 a month. Boss Anthony Bay hopes the ad-free service for mobile will score it new users in the increasingly…

Good news, radio fiends: iHeartRadio and Rdio apps confirmed for Apple CarPlay – UPDATE

iHeartRadio and Rdio are now among the apps compatible with Apple's new CarPlay infotainment system. The list of apps is still pretty small however, as is the list of compatible cars.

Shazam does deal with Rdio to bring full songs to its ID app

Shazam users on iOS can now listen to full-length tracks in-app instead of previews thanks to a new partnership with music streaming service Rdio. The feature is also on its way to Android.

What do you want to listen to? Algorithms still can’t tell like humans can

Algorithms can predict everything from the time you’ll leave work to what links you’ll click on, but determining musical taste has proven to be a trickier endeavor. And humans still do it best.

Digital music sales dip 12 percent as listeners switch to streaming

How much digital music have you bought since you switched to Spotify or Rdio? A new report from Nielsen shows download sales dwindling while streaming services — and vinyl sales — are on the up.