Resident Evil 6

Remastered Resident Evil 6 inbound for PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Capcom is planning to reissue its survival horror series sequel Resident Evil 6 for current generation console platforms, recent content ratings submissions from the Korean Game Rating Board indicate.
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Ghostsbusters moves up, Uncharted gets delayed, and The Dark Tower gets a premiere date

Ghostbusters moves up in the schedule while the Uncharted movie gets pushed back in Sony's new calendar, which also includes release dates for Bad Boys 3 (and Bad Boys 4), The Dark Tower, and other films.

Resident Evil director confirms 3D follow-up to begin production soon

Paul W.S. Anderson confirms Resident Evil Rising title for sixth film in Resident Evil franchise. Like Retribution before it, Anderson will shoot the coming sequel in 3D.

Capcom sees Japan as its future, blames outsourcing for losses

Capcom's announcement of Deep Down for PlayStation 4 represents more than just a turn toward new technology for the company. It marks a return to internal development after half a decade of outsourcing titles like DmC, Bionic Commando, and…

Capcom turns to Valve and ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ to rescue ‘Resident Evil 6’ on PC

Resident Evil 6 tanked at retail, the first real failure in the series' seventeen-year run. Capcom's calling in some help to boost the upcoming release of Resident Evil 6 on PC. The game will feature downloadable characters from Valve's…

Resident Evil to return to its horror roots after RE6 failed to impress

Critics and fans alike rejected Resident Evil 6 when it came out in 2012, causing Capcom's tent pole release to drastically miss sales expectations. Now the publisher is reconsidering the action-focused direction of the series.

Resident Evil 6: Capcom hopes PC-exclusive extras can substitute for quality

The PC release of Resident Evil 6 will be the biggest and best version of the game to date, though it will also still feature almost all of the things fans hated about the game's original incarnation.

Capcom Crisis: Resident Evil 6 sales failure embodies publisher woes

Capcom has had to downgrade its earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending in March due to the disappointing sales of Resident Evil 6. The sequel is just the most recent in a string of high profile failures for a company in dire need of…

Xbox 360-exclusive Resident Evil 6 DLC adds new multiplayer modes

Bored of Resident Evil 6's online multiplayer modes? A new DLC pack arrived this morning that should add a bit more variety (assuming you own an Xbox 360, that is).

Street Fighter: Capcom expands in its bid for international success

Capcom continues to look abroad to find its future, expanding its localization process to include fifteen languages in 2013. That means DmC and Street Fighter X Tekken for Russian and India, but what does it mean for the publisher's…

Resident Evil: Revelations jumps from Nintendo 3DS to PS3/Xbox 360

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fans of the Resident Evil series may get a chance to wash the bad taste of Resident Evil 6 out of their mouths in the near future. The Korean Ratings Board says Resident Evil: Revelations may release on more…

Despite the criticism, Capcom says Resident Evil 6 is ‘successful to some degree’

Even after a poor reception from fans and critics alike, during a recent Q&A session, Capcom claimed that Resident Evil 6 was successful, and led to record-breaking sales around the world.