RIAA escalates piracy witchhunt, points its pitchfork at domain registrars

The RIAA's latest battle in the pursuit of stopping music piracy is against an unlikely target: the companies that offer domain name services.
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MPAA, RIAA want anti-piracy lessons taught to elementary school kids

Potentially a controversial program to insert into a school's curriculum, the MPAA and RIAA are working to push anti-piracy messaging into the lesson plans of elementary school teachers.

Jay-Z’s Samsung ‘exclusive’ album hacked onto HTC device

Jay-Z's new album, Magna Carter Holy Grail, which was supposed to made available to Samsung Galaxy users three days before its release, made its way onto an HTC device. The apparently failed promotion also resulted in the RIAA changing the…

Unlocking your smartphone will soon be illegal, and other DMCA new rule insanity

New rules governing exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) dictate that it will soon be illegal to unlock your smartphone without carrier permission. Jailbreaking your tablet is also forbidden, as is ripping a DVD into a…

Does the RIAA even want Pandora’s golden eggs?

The same services that have helped the recording industry stamp out piracy are on the brink of starvation and death… because of the recording industry.

The RIAA appears to be dying, tax records show

The RIAA's revenue has dropped.
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Google to add SOPA-like anti-piracy filter to search results

Google will soon change its search algorithm to punish websites repeatedly accused of copyright infringement.
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Rewards, not lawsuits: A lesson in successfully combating online piracy

When it comes to online piracy, punishment is not the answer -- no matter what Big Entertainment believes.

RIAA to Google: You still don’t do enough to fight online piracy

RIAA Executive Vice President Brad Buckles says Google's anti-piracy measures are unfair and inadequate.
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Wolf in sheep’s clothing: MPAA’s Dodd pushes ‘more subtle’ approach to anti-piracy

MPAA Chief Executive Chris Dodd says the days of calling online piracy "theft" is coming to a close. The question is: What does Big Entertainment have in store for us next?

BitTorrent piracy increases sales of ‘leaked’ albums: study

A new study from a North Carolina State University researcher shows that BitTorrent helps increase the sales of leaked albums, but does not prove that online piracy is good for overall music sales.

Feds held seized website Dajaz1.com for a year without proof of copyright infringement

Newly released court documents show that popular hip hop website Dajaz1.com was held by the US government for 13 months on allegations of copyright infringement without any evidence of wrongdoing.