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Why every SOPA opponent should buy Jim Gaffigan’s new comedy album

Like Louis C.K., comedian Jim Gaffigan will offer his new comedy album, "Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe," direct to fans via his website. Here's how supporting this album, and other artists who choose the risky path of direct distribution, can…

$675,000 file sharing verdict reinstated by appeals court

Joel Tenenbaum just can't mange to catch a break from the court system. A reversal of a reduced payment for file sharing is likely to severely hamper Joel's financial future.

Judge reduces Jammie Thomas’ file-sharing penalty to $54,000

A federal court has reduced the damage award against accused 24-song file-sharer Jammie Thomas-Rasset from $1.5 million to $54,000.

Internet providers create six-strike policy to combat piracy

Consumers who download illegal music or movies may soon lose Internet speed if they don't pay attention to new warnings from their Internet providers.

Is sharing your Netflix password like stealing cable?

A new Tennessee law will expand cable stealing to include Internet entertainment services like Netflix and Rhapsody. Should government spend its time doing what these entertainment companies could do themselves?
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‘Hurt Locker’ lawsuit targets record-breaking 24,583 BitTorrent users

Makers of the award-winning film "Hurt Locker" have now broken the record for most movie fans sued at one time.
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LimeWire to pay $105 million for assisting ‘massive’ copyright infringement

The major labels have finally mended their differences with file-sharing network LimeWire to the tune of $105 million.

LimeWire reanimated by music pirates

A group of hackers has brought the LimeWire file-sharing network back from the dead with several improvements.

Woman found guilty (again) of sharing 24 songs, owes $1.5 million

Third time's the charm? In her most recent trial over music sharing, Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found guilty and ordered to pay the RIAA $1.5 million.

U.S. court shuts down LimeWire

LimeWire, a veteran P2P filesharing service, has been shut down by a court order. The RIAA now moves to sue its founder, Mark Gorton.

Will Uncle Sam Shove an FM Radio in Your Cell Phone?

The National Association of Broadcasters backs a bill that would make FM radios mandatory in all new cell phones, and the wireless industry isn't happy.

Judge Reduces $675K Fine to $67,500 in File Sharing Case

A Boston University student dodged a big financial bullet this week as a federal judge overturns a ruling that would have him paying $675,000 for illegally downloading songs.