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RapidShare publishes privacy-bashing anti-piracy manifesto

Fighting for its life in a post-Megaupload world, Swiss cyberlocker Rapidshare has published a guideline for how all such services can avoid becoming the target of Hollywood and the U.S. government. Uncovered by TorrentFreak, the…

The open Internet’s five deadliest enemies

The fight for an open Internet is an ongoing battle. Here are the five groups that stand in our way.
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Illegal file sharing isn’t ‘stealing’: Here’s why

In an op-ed for The New York Times, law professor Stuart Green explains why illegal files sharing is not really "stealing," no matter what Big Entertainment wants you to believe.

Six strikes and you’re screwed: What the upcoming piracy crackdown means for you

Starting this July, Internet service providers and the copyright industry will institute a "Copyright Alerts" system that they hope will curb online copyright infringement. Here's everything you need to know.

Major ISPs to turn into copyright police by July, says RIAA

By July 12, major Internet service providers in the US will begin taking actions against customers who are suspected of downloading copyrighted content illegally.

Music industry considers lawsuit against Google over piracy search results

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are considering a lawsuit against Google for providing links to file-sharing sites in its search results, according to…
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Why every SOPA opponent should buy Jim Gaffigan’s new comedy album

Like Louis C.K., comedian Jim Gaffigan will offer his new comedy album, "Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe," direct to fans via his website. Here's how supporting this album, and other artists who choose the risky path of direct distribution, can…

$675,000 file sharing verdict reinstated by appeals court

Joel Tenenbaum just can't mange to catch a break from the court system. A reversal of a reduced payment for file sharing is likely to severely hamper Joel's financial future.

Judge reduces Jammie Thomas’ file-sharing penalty to $54,000

A federal court has reduced the damage award against accused 24-song file-sharer Jammie Thomas-Rasset from $1.5 million to $54,000.

Internet providers create six-strike policy to combat piracy

Consumers who download illegal music or movies may soon lose Internet speed if they don't pay attention to new warnings from their Internet providers.

Is sharing your Netflix password like stealing cable?

A new Tennessee law will expand cable stealing to include Internet entertainment services like Netflix and Rhapsody. Should government spend its time doing what these entertainment companies could do themselves?
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‘Hurt Locker’ lawsuit targets record-breaking 24,583 BitTorrent users

Makers of the award-winning film "Hurt Locker" have now broken the record for most movie fans sued at one time.